Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ryder Loeb

Life can be tough for a little fella....

This is Ryder Loeb sporting his first black eye!

Cheap toy!

When Ryder's mom, Leah sent me this shot she said, you buy all these neat toys and they can play for hours with a simple fly swatter. Ain't it the truth?

"Sport Confusion"

Little Ryder can't decide if he's going to play ball for the cardinals or be a calf roper!

I'm so glad Leah keeps her camera handy and gets these great shots. In a few short years these photographs will mean so much to her.
So this is your reminder, keep your camera with you at all times!

Thanks Leah for sending me these photos. Dan & I enjoy them so much.

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  1. I look forward to checking your blog every morning and when I saw the first pic this morning I thought, man, that looks familiar. I guess it is still early. Ha! Take care!