Friday, April 3, 2009

Safe & Sound

Well we're still here. Lots of rain and wind but no twisters here. They were all around us though. Ahhhhh, the joys of spring in the south!

This has already been "one of those days". First thing this morning I turned on the dryer. I usually do this every morning, put clothes from washer to dryer. Put more clothes in the washer. Then tomorrow do it all over again! Sorry, back to my dilema, the dryer just groaned at me. It would not completely start. Just a groan that got weaker until it finally just stopped. Doesn't sound good does it? I didn't think so. That groan might have been my clothes dryers way of saying bye......I had a load of bath towels in the washer so I got out the drying rack. Do you have a drying rack? You should. Very useful. I hung all the towels on the drying rack. I'm now at work hoping Snickers doesn't think that I did that for his amusement! I guess we'll find out about 5:15 when we get home. When I get to work I turn on the computer and check the mail. This means I am mostly sitting there hitting the delete button about a hundred times. (I do read my emails that aren't junk and respond to those that require a response.) Today I started getting a pop up about a virus. I hit the appropriate "send it to the virus vault" button. Then in a few minutes I would get the same pop up again. Long story short, Oh wait none of my stories are short..... I called Bill Stephens, my computer doctor. He proceeded to talk me through a few things. No luck. So now the computer is at the computer hospital for treatment. Luckily they were caught up and Doctor Bill went right to work on the problem. Hopefully I will get the call this afternoon that the procedure was a success and that the patient can come home! Dan was afraid I would go into Computer Withdrawal. I reminded him that I have a laptop.
I took some photos of a friend Wednesday for his yearbook. He's in the top ten of his class academically! Cool huh? Okay, I'm not sure how to spell academically because I wasn't in the top anything of my class. All I know for sure today is that my dryer ain't working and my computer is in the hospital. Bummer!

Did you notice that I have 3 baby due date widgets on the left side of the page? That's because Kelly doesn't like the original one. I have tried to use other ones but no luck installing them. Then yesterday blogspot had these available. I put 2 more on here for her to pick her favorite. I haven't heard yet which one she likes best. Until I hear I guess we'll have 3 baby widgets.

Barrel race tomorrow and Sunday at Longhorn R arena in Tuscumbia. Be there or be square.

Big announcement coming next week. Don't miss it!

Colt Abernathy, senior, Central High School, Florence, Alabama.

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