Monday, April 13, 2009

Meet Greta the Grand Caravan!

Yep! I did it! I bought a myself a van. Not just any van, a Dodge Grand Caravan with Stow & Go seating! Sounds cool doesn't it? It is! Kelly and I named her Greta. Greta the Grand Caravan. Greta is a cool chick and has remote control sliding side doors, tons of storage, baby car seat latches, CD and cassette player, built in remote control garage door opener( I don't have a garage) and probably a bunch more stuff that I will figure out as we go. Greta isn't new she's an '05 model. Plenty new enough for me. I've been driving Blackie the Blazer that is a '94. When Tinker, our local used car dealer was in the store last week we asked him if he had anything he thought would work for me. He said he had the perfect vehicle. Of course he said that, he's a used car dealer. When Ned and Kelly came down on Friday Kelly and I went down for a test drive. To my amazement Ned even took Greta for a spin. (I've told you about Ned's mini-van theory.... most accidents involve mini-vans) I decided to buy her. Dan & Ned were fixing to leave and go to a horse sale so Kelly and I were buying a car in the middle of all the Tornado warnings. When we were at the car lot everybody that worked there just left. Not me, I was buying a car. Finally Tinker said, "just take it home with you and come back tomorrow." Is it insured? Yes. Okay, Bye! Went back Saturday and closed the deal. I'm very pleased to have a reliable vehicle that I can get in and go to Columbia, Tn if need be. You know when that grandbaby gets here I'll keep the roads hot. Blackie the Blazer was fine for trips from home to the store with an occasional stop at Big Star. But I may need to be a traveling Grandmother and now I'm ready.

This was a wonderful weekend! Buying Greta is only the tip of the iceberg! Check back to find out what all else we got this weekend.

Here is a shot of Greta. Ain't she purty?


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  2. Welocome GRETA. we know you are a part of the family already!!!!

    your cousin,

    Kathy the Momlimo