Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick note....

Just a quick little blog note to let you know that it is 4:45 (pm of course) here at the ole Shamrock and I have so much to tell about my fantabulous weekend that I won't have time to get it all down and load the photos in 15 minutes. Okay now it is 4:47, whewwww! Soooooo, tomorrows blog will be packed with info and photos and all that good stuff.

Now for another quick note. Contest! There will be another contest in May.
Kay's May Giveaway!
Catchy huh? April and I came up with that at lunch today..... We're really, really smart or we're really, really bored.
Not sure yet what the giveaway will be, but trust me, it will be good!
Stay tuned for more details.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow. Must go now, it's QUITTING time!

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