Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Exciting Weekend, Part 3

I know what you're thinking.... How can it get any better?

A car.

A boat.

What else?

How about a pony for the grandbaby? Yes, the grandbaby that won't be here until August. That's one of the things I love about Dan, he plans ahead! He actually tried to buy this pony at the horse sale last month but the lady "no sale"ed him. So he was pretty excited to see him back again this month. He knew he wouldn't let him get away this time. Dan plans to rope on him for the next several years and have him ready for the grandbaby. Did I mention that Dan plans ahead? I guess you have figured out by now that this is not a little bitty pony. He's a big stout chunk of a pony! He is a bay roan. Dan likes to name horses based on their color like, bay, blackie, sorrelly, yeller...... you get the picture. I didn't want my grandbabies pony to be named "Roany". I wanted something catchy. So we kind of compromised with, are you ready for this?

"Macaroni"! Macaroni the roany pony. Don't you just love it? Ned & Kelly liked it too. (They did have the final say.) Here is Macaroni's blog debut. I bet he'll be back often.....

click on the photo to enlarge it!

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  1. That is one cool looking pony!!