Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shamrock Voice Mail, Final Chapter

That's right, after 4 different people (Kelly, Danielle, Dan & myself) couldn't get it set up I told them to please take voice mail off my store phone! On Monday Danielle started the process. She did exactly as Dan and I expected and in about 45 seconds she was yelling at the phone and making huffing and puffing noises. Then to top it off she finally got to speak with a real person and she is sure he was eating little Debbies. She swears she could hear the plastic wrappers. This may be when Dan took over to no avail. At one time we were just passing the phone back and forth between the three of us. Finally I was able to speak to a human, Manuel, we're friends now. He lives in Denver but would love to be in the south (of course). Manuel worked with me for about 2 hours telling me different things to do to try to set up the voice mail. I think he was relieved when I told him to just cancel voice mail from my package. He did say he was going to have a couple more techs work on this problem and I may be hearing back..... I haven't.

This is just a quick update before I take off to mother and daddy's to make the dressing for our Thanksgiving Dinner. We always make it on the Wednesday before and let it season itself overnight. If I say so myself it is delicious!

I hope all my blogger buddies have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I challenge you to take a few minutes to count your blessings! My family and my friends are my greatest blessing! My list of blessings grows daily as I continue to be blessed more than I deserve!


Monday, November 24, 2008

voice mail, round 2

Well, Kelly came down on Friday. She had a jewelry party Friday night ( photos coming soon). Friday night she tackled the voice mail dilema at home. She had the voice mail activated in nothing flat. She says "dial so and so number and you can listen to your voice mail, you're gonna love it." Okay, this is the good part. The voice mail that I was so upset about not being able to retrieve was from AT&T telling me they were going to send me some info in the mail explaining to me how to set up and retrieve my voice mail. And I thought I was a moron!!!!

Unfortunately the voice mail dilema at the store is still ongoing. Kelly worked on it for a while but the "lady" kept telling her to enter a 4 digit pass code. Kelly would enter it and the "lady" would say "you must enter at least 4 digits". This went on forever. I tried it and they finally told me they were sorry I didn't understand what to do, to try back later and goodbye! I have already told Danielle that today is her turn! Maybe three is the charm.'s a killer!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Voice Mail

Tuesday was my follow up visit for my root canal. Yuck!!! I go back in 2 weeks for my temporary crown. Now you know what I'm getting for Christmas! LOL

This has been a terrific week in the store for embroidery. I've stayed busy every day!

In case you are wondering about my Weight Watchers.... this is the deal. I realized, with the help of my friend Glenda, because I am a "lifer" I don't have to weigh every week. I can weigh and pay once a month. Makes a lot more sense to my wallet. ( I do have a crown to pay for now) So, I will be weighing again next week.

Kelly is coming down today. She has a jewelry party at my girlfriend Trina's tonight. We are going to go the sewing center and buy more thread and supplies. Have lunch and enjoy the day together. Friday is usually a busy day at the Shamrock so she can help out. She is suppose to figure out how to access the voice mail for our phone at the store. Yes, I am electronically challenged and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I got a letter in the mail from AT&T and they offered us a cheaper rate on our home phone. I called 'em, told 'em to sign us up. This new rate came with voice mail. Okay, in 30 + years of marriage Dan & I have never even had an answering machine. I know, we're challenged. I did ask the sales lady if she would be sending me something explaining how voice mail works, she assured me she would. Last night when we came in from the barn I noticed there was a red light flashing on the phone. I now know this means you have a message. What I don't know is how to retrieve it! I finally found my instruction manual for the phone and followed the directions. Got it all set up, or so I thought, and when I followed the directions to retrieve the message all I got was a busy signal! Now I'm totally confused. This is why I haven't even attempted the voice mail at the store. Thank goodness Kelly is coming today! Moral of this story is....if you call the house don't leave me a message, just call me back!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is my jewelry show at the store. If you're reading this you're invited. It's a come and go from 10am to 1pm. This invite is for guys too. Come and pick out something for your wife or girlfriend (or both, LOL) and you won't have to go to the mall. You'll be a lot more comfortable in a feed store! See you there!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bling, Bling at the Jewelry Party!!

It was all about the bling and having a rip roaring good time. I knew anything that April was a part of would be a blast... she didn't let me down. The jewelry is amazing. Everybody got to put some on and model it! oh yeah! You know I loved that! You really have to see this jewelry in person to appreciate how nice it is. Catalogs just don't do it justice. April had a great party and will be well rewarded for it with a lot of free jewelry. My jewelry show will be Saturday, Nov. 29th at the store, Shamrock Feed & Tack. It will be from 10am to 1pm. I'm really getting excited about this adventure after being at April's party. So if you're close enough to come by I expect to see you on the 29th. This is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If you want to have your own party and get free jewelry too get in touch with Kelly at . This Friday is Trina's party. She won't let me down either. I'm figuring it will be a blast too, especially if her other friends are as crazy as the ones I know!

It was a cold day for a wedding, but....

the bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome and everyone had a great time! Below is a random assortment of shots from the wedding and reception. Ben, the groom, is the grandson of Daddy's sister Lois. Ben's parents are my cousin Cathy and her husband Larry Rodgers. Cole ( the handsome young man in the vest) is Aunt Lois' great-grandson. My favorite shot is the one where aunt Lois is blowing bubbles in Daddy's face and he has his hand up. I guess baby sisters never outgrow aggravating their big brothers!! Lois and her daughter Connie took a great picture. Connie is Cole's grandmother. I know what you're thinking I think she looks too young to be a grandmother too! It was a great afternoon visiting with my kinfolks. We don't get together often enough and I really hate that because we have such a good time when we're together. Enjoy the shots!

Friday, November 14, 2008

cold weather on the way.......

and Shamrock Embroidery is ready for it! We've worked on winter scarves, sweatshirts, stocking caps, ear warmer head bands and winter coats this week. Today the temp was around 70 degrees but probably won't make it out of the 40's tomorrow. bbrrrrrrr!!! I guess it is November and cold weather is to be expected but that doesn't help me to like it!
Tomorrow is my cousin Ben's wedding in Lawrenceburg, Tn. I will be taking Mother and Daddy. Ben is Daddy's sister Lois' grandson. I know I'll enjoy being with my aunts and cousins for the afternoon. Check back next week for wedding shots! Luckily for Mother the wedding is at 2pm and the Alabama football game isn't on tv until 6:30 pm. My mother never ceases to amaze me with her love of football. She can watch it all weekend long and Alabama football is her absolute favorite.
Sunday is the jewelry party at my buddy April's. I know this is going to be a fun afternoon. April is always up for a good time and, like me, she loves to laugh at just about anything.
Next week we will have an ad in the weekly paper announcing that we have added embroidery and monogramming to our business. Keep your fingers crossed for good results from this ad. It will run for 6 weeks which will take us to the week of Christmas. Can you believe it? Christmas is right around the corner. These shots are from some of this weeks embroidery projects, enjoy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Photos

Sunday morning Dan & I took off for Rock Springs, on the Natchez Trace. I was there back in September and wanted to go back and get some shots with the fall colors. There are a lot of beaver dams here and we saw quite a few trees that the beaver had been working on! When I was there in September one of the favorite shots of mine was of the foot bridge crossing Colbert Creek. Sunday the water was actually over some of the stones. We crossed anyway and took the hike and I took tons of photos. When we left there we went on down the trace to the Colbert Ferry Crossing named after Chief George Colbert who operated a Ferry across the Tn. River at this location. This was Indian Territory and Chief Colbert was Chickasaw and Scot. It was a fun morning despite being a bit chilly. I've posted a few of my favorite shots, enjoy!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Debbie Bidwell called me earlier today to let me know how much Quinlan was loving her new pony! Her name isn't Tillie anymore it's Bonnie! Quinlan told her mom this morning, "you're not going to lead me around anymore. I am a big girl now and I can ride Bonnie by myself." Don't you just love it?

Pony riders, flea mkts. & baby showers

Saturday was a busy day. We had a good day at the store and then went to the barrel race at Iron City, Tn. They had a good turnout, but unfortunately due to bad ground a lot of people got their entry fees back and left. They still had about 70 in the open and Kelly won the 4D with her new 5 year old gelding. It has been a challenge for her having a young horse and not having enough time to ride him everyday but this Friday is her last day at the bank so she will be able to ride during the day. When we got home Kelly set up her embroidery machine and did some more stuff to take to Ashley's baby shower. She really has a neat machine. It does all the licensed Disney stuff. Sunday morning we got up early [what time change?] and went to Crump, Tn to the flea mkt. Dan found some wheels that he will use to make some carts for his ponies and I bought us some more socks. I figure the more socks in the drawer the less often I'll have to wash. Sounds good in theory, we'll see.

On the way home the Bidwells called and were on their way to look a ponies for their daughter Quinlan. Note to self....when the Bidwell's are at the house have camera in hand!!!! Quilan is an absolute cutie and Shawn is a nut! What I wouldn't give to have a shot of him trying out a saddle by putting it on the pipe rail of the roping box and balancing. Now mind you he is a former bronc rider and can ride but this was hilarious. Debbie was trying to video it and Ned was trying to hang on to the back of the saddle to help balance it. That is why I like the folks so much it is always something going on when you are around them. Quiland tried two ponies and decided on the paint pony mare. When they left she was calling her Tillie. She was infatuated with all the chicken feathers she saw laying around so Dan helped her collect some and then they went over to the stall side and saw the setting hen. She was impressed. I think Willie was what really stole her heart though. He has that effect on people though.

After the Bidwell's left Kelly and I headed out to Selena Daniel's for Ashley's baby shower. It was a blast! You would not believe all the cool stuff you can get for a baby these days. Maybe I had mine to soon.....NOT! Selena is Ashley's sister and the shower was at her and husband Steve's brand spanking new house. It is gorgeous. Saw a lot of old friends that I just don't get to see often enough. The food was great too and Ashley's sister April made a "dirt cake". I was just crazy about this little creation!

Finally, April [one of my absolute best buds] bought her a new truck Saturday and I will be the first to say she needed one! It is a beautiful truck and I am so happy for April. She also told me she was going to quit smoking and this savings would help make the payment! For this I am really, really proud!!!