Monday, November 3, 2008

Pony riders, flea mkts. & baby showers

Saturday was a busy day. We had a good day at the store and then went to the barrel race at Iron City, Tn. They had a good turnout, but unfortunately due to bad ground a lot of people got their entry fees back and left. They still had about 70 in the open and Kelly won the 4D with her new 5 year old gelding. It has been a challenge for her having a young horse and not having enough time to ride him everyday but this Friday is her last day at the bank so she will be able to ride during the day. When we got home Kelly set up her embroidery machine and did some more stuff to take to Ashley's baby shower. She really has a neat machine. It does all the licensed Disney stuff. Sunday morning we got up early [what time change?] and went to Crump, Tn to the flea mkt. Dan found some wheels that he will use to make some carts for his ponies and I bought us some more socks. I figure the more socks in the drawer the less often I'll have to wash. Sounds good in theory, we'll see.

On the way home the Bidwells called and were on their way to look a ponies for their daughter Quinlan. Note to self....when the Bidwell's are at the house have camera in hand!!!! Quilan is an absolute cutie and Shawn is a nut! What I wouldn't give to have a shot of him trying out a saddle by putting it on the pipe rail of the roping box and balancing. Now mind you he is a former bronc rider and can ride but this was hilarious. Debbie was trying to video it and Ned was trying to hang on to the back of the saddle to help balance it. That is why I like the folks so much it is always something going on when you are around them. Quiland tried two ponies and decided on the paint pony mare. When they left she was calling her Tillie. She was infatuated with all the chicken feathers she saw laying around so Dan helped her collect some and then they went over to the stall side and saw the setting hen. She was impressed. I think Willie was what really stole her heart though. He has that effect on people though.

After the Bidwell's left Kelly and I headed out to Selena Daniel's for Ashley's baby shower. It was a blast! You would not believe all the cool stuff you can get for a baby these days. Maybe I had mine to soon.....NOT! Selena is Ashley's sister and the shower was at her and husband Steve's brand spanking new house. It is gorgeous. Saw a lot of old friends that I just don't get to see often enough. The food was great too and Ashley's sister April made a "dirt cake". I was just crazy about this little creation!

Finally, April [one of my absolute best buds] bought her a new truck Saturday and I will be the first to say she needed one! It is a beautiful truck and I am so happy for April. She also told me she was going to quit smoking and this savings would help make the payment! For this I am really, really proud!!!

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  1. Picture look great. I am so glad to see you, been so busy with the house and all.
    Thanks for posting.