Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beatin' the HEAT!!!

Hot doesn't even begin to describe this summer!
It has been very close to unbearable in the feed store. Our record high, inside the store, was set last week, 94.4*. The temp usually just hovers around 93.3 to 94 in the afternoon. We have fans but right now they are really just blowing the hot air around. We've been here for 19 years without air conditioning and we're not going to wimp out now! But it has been too hot for Zane to hang out work at the store. However, when he does come over he knows how to cool off!
Aaahhhh! Living the dream....

Hey, what's that?

Don't do what?

Wubby's a frog...of course he can get wet!

Me and PaPa cooling off on a hot day!

We just tied our record high at 2:30 pm!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tractor "Driving"

One of the many presents Zane got for his birthday was a John Deere Sit-n-Scoot tractor. Zane's NICU buddy Joyce found this for him and thought he might just like it.
He loves it! And now he's really starting to get with the program. He crawls all over it and raises the seat to see the animals that are stored there. Last week he started walking behind it and pushing the tractor around the house! We think he'll be walking on his own soon...

                                                         I'm in my pj's...that's okay isn't it?

See ya later..I gotta go...

....but I'll be back....

I like farming...

...I think...

My tractor goes bbbbbbbbb....

....when I stop I like to make my wrinkly nose face...

..and sometimes my drool is going down my chin...

..and sometimes I'm just plain silly...

...sometimes I like to try to get G-mama's camera...

For more info on the John Deere Sit-N-Scoot tractor click HERE!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Zane & Gran

Last Friday, July 2nd was my mother's 76th birthday!
No birthday would be complete without a visit with Zane. The smile on Gran's face speaks volumes as she talks to her favorite little fella!

It looks like Gran wasn't the only one having a fun time!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Vote For Zane!

Zane is entered in the "cutest kids" contest at our local radio station!
He'd appreciate your vote!
Voting is simple just click HERE
When the new page opens simply scroll down to Zane Daniel Smith's photo and click the circle underneath.
When you have done that keep scrolling to the bottom of the page and click the box that says VOTE! Another box should pop up and say 'thanks for voting'.
You can vote once a day!
Zane says THANKS! and tell you friends, neighbors and co-workers to vote too!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

1 year check-up

Last Thursday was Zane's 1 year check-up with Dr. Colvard.
It went well despite the 3 shots...
Zane weighed 21 pounds and 14 ounces and he is now 30 1/2 inches tall!
Dr. Colvard said he is tall and lanky and looks GREAT!
He also said to stop the bottles...uh oh...Zane loves his bottles.
A week later though they are all packed up and it's all sippy cups now!
Zane has 6 teeth and has his own little toothbrush and toothpaste.
He is pulling up and standing real well, mostly holding onto something. However, he has let go a few times and stood alone for a few seconds. When he wants to go somewhere though he justs drops to the floor and takes off crawling as fast as he can! He loves to laugh out loud and sometimes I think he gets tickled at himself when he laughs!
A couple of his sippy cups have straws and he likes to crawl up to the sippy cup sitting on the floor and bend over to the straw and take a drink...never picking up the cup. Some might call him lazy...I prefer to call him smart! He knows he doesn't have to waste time picking up the whole cup!
Yep! He's changing fast and we're enjoying every minute of it!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You've Come A Long Way Baby...and you too "moo moo"!

                                        Remember when "moo moo" and Zane were the same size?
Maybe "moo moo" was a little bigger and a lot fatter than Zane...

"Moo moo" was our size guide. We would take photos of Baby Zane and "moo moo" every week to see how much Zane was growing. I'd post the photos here on the blog for everyone to marvel at.
Well, last week on Zane's 1st birthday "moo moo" had his photo taken again....

...and again

...and all I can think of is WOW!!

Zane goes to the doctor today for his 1 year check up. Can't wait to find out how he ranks developmentally with other 1 year olds. He doesn't walk yet but he does babble a lot. And he definitely knows how to get your attention!!

A couple of Saturdays ago Joe and Caroline Gilmore came down and spent the afternoon with us. While we were inside watching the horse race Ned, Kelly and Zane headed out to the barn. Shortly I heard the back door open and then I heard a pitter patter of little feet...4 of  'em to be exact!
Yep, the little stinker had ridden his pony into the house! (and people ask me if he's spoiled)

His mommy is the culprit...Zane and daddy are just innocent bystanders, can't you tell?

They claimed "Candy Bar" wanted to watch his "cousins" in the horse race.....
I don't think I'm falling for that one!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swimming Cowboy!

That Zane he's an all around hand...
He rides...
He swims...
He does it all...
With style and grace...
My Uncle Matt came to see me this past weekend...he brought me my birthday present from him and my Aunt Mary! A rockin' horse!
Not just any old rockin' horse but a

Yeeeee Hawwwww!

We're going to town now!

Has anyone seen my 'wubby'?

When we finished breaking all the broncs in the house we headed to the barn so Uncle Matt could see me ride one of my other ponies...Me and Uncle Matt both wore our cowboy hats because we're cowboys and that's what cowboys do!

We had fun!

Then on Sunday my mommy and daddy blew up my new swimming pool and filled it with water...I played and played and played all day....

I had lots of new toys I got for my birthday...they were great!

When it's 96* outside with a heat index of 106* this is the place to be!

My daddy started squirtin' water on everybody and I laughed....

...and laughed!

Life is Good!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


What fun would a 1st birthday be without a party?
Family and friends gathered to celebrate Zane's birthday with us and a good time was had by all....especially the birthday boy himself.
Hamburgers, hotdogs, cold drinks, cake, ice cream, presents and pony rides...
It was a BIG day!
I was pretty busy running around keeping the party going. I really wish I had gotten shots of everyone there....sadly, I didn't..... but I did manage to get a few shots here and there. Enjoy!

Photos of Zane from birth to 1 year! Even some of his preemie clothes on oh my he's grown!

Tim the Chef

Joyce came for the party!

So did Hesston and his Nana...

...and Hadlee and her mommy....

Chance and his mommy partied with us too!

Cousin Ian wouldn't miss Zane's party....

and neither would his twin brother Aaron!

The party had an Elmo theme and the cake was delicious!

Zane had his own cake...

...too bad he didn't care much for it....

Not even with a spoon...

Clothes and a cool ball cap from Nana and Grandaddy...

and a Taggie puppy dog...

Zane's little buddies really liked the pony rides...even though they have ponies at their house too....

Cowboy Hesston!

Cowgirl Hadlee!

Cowboy Chance!

Even Joyce became a cowgirl for a while!

Hadlee's Mommy and Daddy got quite the workout!

Lots and lots of presents!

G-Mama and PaPa got Zane a cowboy hat and a swimming pool!

Hesston and his mommy!

One of several tractors...all shapes and sizes!!

Zane and animals!

Even "Big Bertha" came and checked out the party....

At the end of the day when everyone had gone home Kelly and Ned wrote a note and tied it to one of the balloons and let it go.....

It really took off and we still have hopes of hearing from someone who finds it...
It was a wonderful end to a wonderful day!!