Friday, February 27, 2009

Waaay too high!

That's what the doctor said yesterday about my thyroid, cholesterol and triglycerides! I go every 6 months and have my blood work done and Feb was the month. But guess what..... after that bad report now I get to go back in 3 months. Lucky me! I guess the good news is, if there is any, is that Doc thinks adjusting my Thyroid meds will resolve my cholesterol and triglyceride problem. I hope so. I have been on "statins" before and I hate them! Now I'm suppose to eliminate sweets from my diet. That ain't going to happen, but I will cut back. I promise. No more peach cobbler for me. I did declare I was giving up ice cream for lent. It's a start. I must get on a serious exercise routine, like walking. Thank goodness warm weather is just around the corner. Speaking of weather...snow is in the forecast for Saturday night! It is in the 60's now.

American Idol. Did you see it last night? It was good wasn't it? In case you missed it, Adam, Allison & Kris are moving on. Adam will give Danny Gokey a run for his money. Adam may very well go all the way this season. Did you notice that so far we have 4 boys in the final 12 and only 2 girls? What's up with that? Are the boys that much better than the girls?

Facebook. I'm still loving it! I am getting to catch up with so many old friends. I'm seeing photos of friends of Matt & Kelly with their wives or husbands and their kids. It's just plain fun. If you're not a facebooker you should be. When you sign up mark me as a friend!

Dan & Ned left EARLY this morning headed to Matt's house. They hadn't made it to Savannah, Tn when the alternator went out on the truck. Of course nothing was open yet. They finally got one and put it on. They made it to Matt's where they got in the rig with him, and 2 of his friends and are headed on to Sterling, Il. The horse sale is tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that our horses bring good $$$. They are all 3 real nice horses, Dan has put a lot of time in on them. He is amazing when it comes to training horses.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet taters

Recipe dilema is over. Thanks to Leah for leaving me a comment suggesting I use my sweet pototoe casserole recipe. Let me give you a little background about the whole sweet potatoe casserole thing. Many years ago when I still lived in Cedar Hill, Mo I started making this because it was one of my favorites and my mama wasn't close by to make it for me so I had to make it for myself. Mother told me how to pick the best sweet potatoes for cooking and all that. Fine. I did that for a few years then one day I realized you could buy sweet potatoes in a can! Yes, really, you can! You have no idea how this simplified the sweet potatoe casserole recipe. No peeling taters and having orange hands for several days. Just open the can, cook em a few minutes, and you're good to go! Fast Forward to our move to Alabama. Every holiday I would volunteer to make the sweet potatoes, I mean it is delicious and everybody likes it and they all would comment on what a great job I did with the sweet potatoes. Perfect. Somehow it came out that I used canned sweet potatoes! My mother was NOT happy! She accused me of not using real potatoes! "Yes, Mother, they are real they just put 'em in a can to save me some time." She wasn't buying it. So I have never been allowed to make the sweet potatoe casserole since. Now, my aunt Brenda's hash brown casserole recipe calls for frozen hashbrowns and she is fine with that, but heaven forbid I make a sweet potatoe casserole without "real" sweet potatoes! So I think in the next week or so I will make the "famous" sweet potatoe casserole and document with photos and everything! I know you're excited and can't wait.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grandparents of the Year!

My friend Dona and her husband Bobby were in Colorado recently and this is what they brought back for their grandson, Ryder! He is one lucky little fella! He has the best grandparents ever! When I saw these shots in my email I immediately thought, "good thing Leah's house has high ceilings!" I can just imagine all the fun Ryder is going to have playing in this tepee! So to Dona & Bobby... You done good!!!

Okay, I've been thinking about which recipe I'm going to share. So far I have ruled out all my hamburger helper favorites. I figured y'all could read the box just as easy as I do. Now, I might share my vegetable soup with shell pasta, my chicken stew or maybe my famous Dressing (as in Turkey & Dressing). I just can't decide! I will tell you this about my cooking... I make enough for a least 2 days! Leftovers are important to us! Thank goodness we like leftovers. I hear women talk about how their husbands won't eat the same thing 2 days in a row. Poor Dan, he would be hungry if that were the case!

I want to show you one of the bags that we sell. I think it is one of the coolest bags on the planet! The ends zip off and zip back to each other to make a separate bag! It also has shoe storage and it can be embroidered with a design or just a simple monogram. We feature this bag on the website in the bags, all kinds page. Check it out!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter Is For The Birds!

That's what my sweatshirt says that I'm wearing right now! I believe it with all my heart. My shirt actually has a picture of 3 penquins in hats, scarves and ear muffs and the caption reads, "winter is for the birds". Don't you just love it? The saying, not winter.

I read a lot of other blogs, photography, family, cowgirl stuff and even blogs from people I don't know if I stumble upon them. Several blogs feature recipes. I am always amazed at people that really cook supper from ....what is the word... scratch? You see Dan & I are more like spaghetti with prego sauce (We do add hamburger meat of course) and grilled cheese sandwiches (we use real butter) and anything that we can open cans or frozen stuff and dump it into a pot! Sometimes I go all out and make a skillet of corn bread, but my gosh anybody can make corn bread. So someday soon I think I'm going to have a blog entry featuring one of my meals. Oh yea, I'll take pictures of the ingredients and give you detailed instructions on how I prepared the fantabulous meal! I just have to decide which of my 5 recipes I'll use. I know you can't wait for that and that alone is enough to get you checking back daily to see if that may be the day!

I have spent most of today working on my website. (Between doing embroidery orders.) You see I had one page for awards & gifts. This page became so large that I was afraid if you didn't have hi-speed you'd never, ever get it downloaded. So I divided everything up into separate pages. Whew! It was more time consuming than I anticipated....But it is done for now and I like the result. At least I like it today, tomorrow I may change my mind. Check it out and let me know what you think there is a contact page. Here are a few random shots from the site. Enjoy!

This is a halter Dan made for one of the horses that is going to the performance horse sale. It is embroidery on white horse hair!

This is the coolest backpack ever! It has more compartments than you can shake a stick at and the bottom is an insulated cooler! We ordered it for our friend Shyanne and we put her name and a barrel racer design on it.

Body Backpack! Hot new item that I had to have. I put my monogram on this one so it is mine now! It makes a great overnight bag.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Were you watching last night?

American Idol, that is. Dan & I were glued to the set. As I've mentioned before we TiVo everything. We came in a little before 8 and fixed us some gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and had just sat down in front of the tv at about 5 'til 8 and the phone rang. My buddy April. In a rant. "If she goes through I'm never watching Idol again!" Hold on sister, I haven't seen the show yet. Okay, call me back. 8pm phone rings. April, "I'm done with 'em, I've had it! Call me after you watch it!" Okay, what would you think? Thank goodness she was just messing with me. I would have probably quit 'em too! Luckily, Danny Gokey did make it through and Tatianna was sent packing. I called my daughter-in-law Mary. Mainly to check on Matt. He was in a car accident yesterday. Not hurt too bad. Whiplash and a dislocated left shoulder that he put back in himself. (the knowledge of how to do that comes from years of rodeoing) He went to the doctor today and has to wear a sling for a few days. Anywho, after getting the Matt update I asked her if she saw Idol. Of course she did. I asked her if she was scared they were going to put Tatianna through and send Danny home. No, she said. I voted for Danny, I knew he was going through!! Smart cookie, my daughter-in-law!

We've been busy at the ole Shamrock today. Dan has been making halters with our names and horses names embroidered on them. He'll use them on the horses that are going to the sale next week. I have been busy taking photos of the halters and adding them to the website. I have been contacted on facebook by old friends wanting to know about our awards and what we have available and what all we can do. I tell 'em if you can imagine it I think we can do it!!! So if you haven't looked at the website in a while check it out. I have been busy this week adding purse, jacket and halter photos! Then after you've browsed around call me or email me and place an order. Operators are standing by..... Call in the next 10 minutes and receive...... uh, sorry I got carried away! Here's a sneak peek at some of our new purses. Click on the photo to enlarge it. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Danny Gokey Nailed It!!!

Danny Gokey

I told you early on he was one of my favorites.... last night on American Idol he proved why. He has talent. He was far superior to the rest of the competition. Did you notice his best friend Jamar was in the audience watching? I wonder if he was thinking what I was... Jamar should be up there singing!! Tatianna tried to change her "personality" but it was too late for me. Her horribel laugh and whining is forever etched in my brain. My favorite girl is Alexis Grace. Her voice is amazing coming out of that tiny body. Another big voice is the chic with the Loretto Lynn hairdo. I like her voice but I can't get past that hairdo. Am I shallow?
Alexis Grace

Today is mine and Dan's wedding anniversary. 31 years today. My how time flies when you're having fun! I know what your thinking and yes, I was a child bride. 18 to be exact. Dan was 21. What were we thinking? I could have waited 'til I was 100 but I wouldn't have found a more perfect mate than Dan! He forgot Valentines and our anniversary so I think I'm seeing that new camera in my near future!! He has been all consumed by the performance horse sale coming up next weekend in Illinois. Maybe his 3 horses will "ring the bell" and we'll have some extra cash. I think I like the way this is going to work out.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dancing Frog!

You decide... is Ryder dancing with or fighting with the giant frog? Which ever it is this is too cute!! Ryders mom Leah sends me photos of Ryder because they are in Missouri and we are in Alabama and we never get to see him! But we love him to pieces just the same. I love the fact that Ryder has to wear his chaps and cowboy hat!! No self respecting cowboy would dance with a frog without his proper attire!! I'm really glad Leah keeps her camera handy and catches all these fun shots. She will cherish them more than she knows in a few years!
facebook update.... I'm diggin' it! I have been contacted by former classmates and friends that I haven't heard from in years. It is nice to catch up and see how their children have grown and for some I've gotten to see their new grandbabies! One former classmate Joel, ask me how we could be old enough for grandchildren, then he went on to say if he'd known then what he knows now he would have had the grandchildren first! Funny stuff! Anyway, Dan & I are looking forward to finding out all about it!
Tonight is American Idol night....I'm just not that excited about it after last week's train wreck! I don't think I can stand to hear Tatianna the whiner/giggler one more time!

Monday, February 16, 2009

More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys!

Yep! That describes the barrel race last Saturday night at Decaturville, Tn. Ned & Kelly came over. Kelly ran my old horse, Smoothie, outran me and won $$! Our daughter-in-law Mary came down from Missouri with her friends Christy Stanley, Cindy Webb and Cindy's daughter Katelan Webb. We had a blast! Mary has really got a fun bunch of traveling buddies. Then you throw my buddy April in the mix and it was CRAZY! BTW---ditzy April forgot her voodoo stuff....soooo, no update on girl or boy.....

Christy, Mary & Katelan

Can't you tell we're having fun!

Christy, Mary, Katelan & Cindy

That may be the most enjoyable time I've ever had when I didn't win any $$. I really only have fun if I win. I'm a McGee, what else can I say. We all had good runs just didn't get in there where we wanted to.

Now on to the Amazing Race. I have an early favorite in the mother/son team of Margie and Luke. Margie is 50 and her son Luke is deaf. They came in first last night!! Very impressive

Luke & Margie

The first team sent home was the bickering couple. I bet the producers were disappointed by that! Preston was from Birmingham but had recently moved to Columbia, South Carolina to be closer to Jennifer. Don't know if he is an Auburn grad but he wore an Auburn shirt and mentioned in his bio that he loves Auburn football.
Preston & Jennifer
I think it's going to be a great season with some pretty interesting characters. What better way to describe a gay man and his gay son than interesting?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Amazing Race, tomorrow!

I can't wait! The new season of The Amazing Race starts tomorrow night! You can bet I'll be watching. I love this show! Check back on Monday for my list of those I like and don't like!

We are at the store now and we close at 1pm on Saturdays. Today when we close we'll go home load horses and head to Decaturville, Tn for the barrel race. Wish me luck! I've really had a hit and a miss year! The weather is still nice so at least I won't freeze!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Survivor didn't let me down!

I know you're glad I didn't show up today ranting and raving about TV! Survivor was good, especially for a first episode! At tribal council they blindsided the first person voted off for this season, which I think may be season 18! Can you believe that? Yep they voted off the mouthy, bossy, whiney one and kept the older, crazy one! The Mormon bicyclist went skinny dipping as he proclaimed he was not your typical Mormon! I can't wait for Elder Brough and Elder Bybee to come by so I can share this info with them.

Tomorrow is the barrel race at Decaturville. My buddy April is going to take her voodoo stuff and tell us if Kelly and Ned are having a boy or girl. Okay, those Smith's just have boys so this should be a no brainer! Ned and Kelly haven't decided if they want to know the sex of the baby before delivery. April says she must know! She is so sure she must know that she wants their doctor to send her the info and she promises she won't tell anybody!!!! Did I mention that my buddy April is a "NUT"? I guess that's why I love her.....

We've been having some fantastic weather the last couple of weeks, (Thank You Lord!) So I have been riding outside in the outdoor pen. I am very grateful that we have an indoor arena to ride in when the weather is crappy but by this time of year I can't wait to ride outside. I did get cold last night and didn't ride but about 30 minutes. It was 8pm, I was hungry and ready to get in the house!

Update on Kelly's jewelry parties....She is doing fantastic! She has been having some really good shows lately! If you are interested in having a jewelry show (even a catalog show) let me know and I'll hook you up! Hostesses get so much free jewelry it is amazing!!! And, if you are interested in making money you need to talk to Kelly, she has no regrets about quitting her 9 to 5 job and her income is still terrific!

BTW..... I'm loving being on facebook.... Check it out!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bummed out about American Idol!

Did you watch last night? If you did then you know why I am sooo bummed out about it! Jamar Rogers SHOULD NOT, I repeat, SHOULD NOT have been sent home! No way. No how. And furthermore Tatianna the Whiner/Giggler SHOULD NOT, I repeat, SHOULD NOT have been allowed to move on the the actual "America Votes" competition! Ihave nothing against Norman/Nick, but come on, is he more talented than Jamar? No way. No how. I could go on forever but you get my drift.... I'm not happy about the outcome. For all you famous recording moguls that read my blog (I'm sure there are many) go ahead and give Jamar a record deal. I'll buy a CD! Or two! Jamar's best friend Danny Gokey did make the cut. I'm glad he's very talented too.

The embroidery machine has been going wide open today! I have a couple of things I want to do for myself but I can't seem to get my stuff in line!

I joined "Facebook" yesterday! If you're already on there mark me as your friend. I couldn't believe how many friends I had on there. It is a fun way to keep in touch!

Barrel Race this Saturday at Decaturville, Tn. The weather looks good, Ned & Kelly will be going and Mary will be coming down with a friend. Matt has a horse sale to auctioneer in Wyoming, Il.
We'll have a good time I'm sure!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reality TV

My dedicated blog readers already know that Dan and I are big fans of reality tv. Not all of it just a few favorites. Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and our absolute favorite.....The Amazing Race! Idol started a few weeks ago, Survivor starts this Thursday night, The Race starts on Sunday and Dancing with the Stars in early March. WOW! We couldn't be dedicated to these shows all at one time if it weren't for TiVo, the greatest invention known to man. Okay, maybe something like penicillen is a great invention. I still like my TiVo. We get a "season pass" to watch all these shows and then watch 'em when we want to. We have already watched the Survivor Preview Show. It was good and this looks like it will be a great season. I usually don't pick a favorite until over half way through. Will let you know how it looks in a few weeks. Idol is shaping up to be interesting, can't wait to see who winds up in the top 24. The announcement came Monday that PRCA all-around cowboy Ty Murray and his wife Jewel will be "stars" on Dancing with the Stars. If you want to see Ty you might ought to tune in at the beginning....he may not last long. Now don't get me wrong, I hope he goes all the way but I'm just saying......
Sunday is the best...The Amazing Race! I may be the shows biggest fan. I have seen every episode at least once and many of them twice thanks to the Game Show Network. I wouldn't really want to be on the show but I would like to know someone who is. I have several friends that I really think could do it and do it well. They just aren't the big fan that I am. Oh well. Thanks goodness the time is changing March 8th, we always stay up later after the time change. We'll need those extra hours to watch all the shows we've TiVo'd. Happy reality TV watching!

Monday, February 9, 2009

27 Days ! and counting......

That's right, 27 days until one of my favorite holidays....Daylight Savings Time Begins!!! Yipppeeeee!
We have already noticed the days are getting longer and warmer. We were in the 70's Saturday & Sunday and will be in the seventies today and tomorrow!! My kind of February!
The very large bush outside the store is already blooming. Buttercups should be up and blooming soon! I absolutely love it! Get those cameras ready for some great spring shots! For those of you in the winter weather climates still....sorry 'bout your luck! You are welcome to come for a visit! Okay, as I'm writing this I am praying that the weather gods don't look down on me with disdain at my cockiness about our great weather and send a February blizzard!
I have added a new favorite places, to your left. It is Digital Photo Pros. This is a relatively new site that has been up less than a year. This is an all purpose site that caters to pros and hobbyist alike with info on just about any kind of photography question. Check it out and join up! I've been sneak peeking at all the baby photography posts. Getting ideas! OOOOhing and AAAhing over all the little bundles of joy!
Kelly and I went to a baby shower yesterday for Angie and Ronnie Hill. Their little bundle of joy, Trevor Lee, will be here in early April. They hit the baby shower jackpot! So many neat gifts I just couldn't take it all in! I'm sure they will have a great time going through and looking at everything a hundred times before Trevor gets here!
This is one of my first spring photos, enjoy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


In the immortal words of Mork from Ork, "It's colder than a witch diggers brass monkey!" Okay, so Mork got his sayings all crossed up but you get the picture! It. Is. Cold. Good news, warmer weather is on the way. None too soon. I really don't like it when the overnight lows are in the teens like they have been the last couple of nights. It was suppose to go up to the mid 40's today but so far it's not out of the 30's. It is up to 52 degrees here in the store. I am hugging the heater! Tomorrow's prediction is 55 and Saturday is 65! Yipppeeeeee! We are planning on going to the barrel race Saturday! If the weatherman is right and the temp hits the 60's there will be a big crowd!
We have been working on caps all day on the embroidery machine. We have a 5 dozen order and a 1 dozen order that came in this week. The machine is still going non stop! For that I am grateful!
Have you been watching American Idol. We have. This whole audition process is pretty entertaining. I already have a couple of favorites. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they make it to the top 24.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Best Job in the World

Below is an email from my cousin Sid Dobrin. His application video is amazing! He's amazing! But then aren't most of my relatives? Anyhow, click on the link below and watch his video. The website has been having difficulties with the voting process. You may not be able to give him a 5 star rating but keep checking back. That's what I'm doing. ( I just did a check to make sure my link was active and I could give him 5 stars, yipppeee!!) If at all possible send this link on to others so they can view and vote too! I know Sid will really appreciate it!

Ok, Family. Many of you may have seen Tourism Queensland's "The BestJob in the World" campaign on the news or other web sources. I'vejust received word that my application has been "accepted" in theapplication process. Tourism Queensland expects to accept 30,000applications by the time they close the submission process. At thisstage, web voting plays a large part in applicants moving on to thenext stage of the process. My plea is simple: please view my videoapplication and give me a 5 star rating. The link to the applicationvideo is:

Good Luck, Sid!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday is here.....snow isn't!

A little rain, cooler than yesterday and the sun is shining! Soooooo, no snow photos!
We were busy all weekend working at the house and barn. Dan has 3 horses consigned to a performance horse sale the end of this month. He has been riding them every evening, cold or not! He's way more dedicated than I am this winter! He better be getting 'em used to the cold because the sale is up by Chicago. Ned, my favorite son-in-law will go with him. These performance horse sales are pretty neat in that you rope or run barrels (or whatever it is your horse does) on them before they sell. This way you can show your horse and not just tell about them. Matt & Mary will be going also and taking a few. Kelly will come to Alabama and help me hold down the fort! Pray for good weather!
I guess that stinkin' ground hog saw his shadow today!
Happy Ground Hogs Day!
And Happy Birthday to my brother Pat, he's 53 today!!!
I know what you're thinking and yes he is a lot older than me!