Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet taters

Recipe dilema is over. Thanks to Leah for leaving me a comment suggesting I use my sweet pototoe casserole recipe. Let me give you a little background about the whole sweet potatoe casserole thing. Many years ago when I still lived in Cedar Hill, Mo I started making this because it was one of my favorites and my mama wasn't close by to make it for me so I had to make it for myself. Mother told me how to pick the best sweet potatoes for cooking and all that. Fine. I did that for a few years then one day I realized you could buy sweet potatoes in a can! Yes, really, you can! You have no idea how this simplified the sweet potatoe casserole recipe. No peeling taters and having orange hands for several days. Just open the can, cook em a few minutes, and you're good to go! Fast Forward to our move to Alabama. Every holiday I would volunteer to make the sweet potatoes, I mean it is delicious and everybody likes it and they all would comment on what a great job I did with the sweet potatoes. Perfect. Somehow it came out that I used canned sweet potatoes! My mother was NOT happy! She accused me of not using real potatoes! "Yes, Mother, they are real they just put 'em in a can to save me some time." She wasn't buying it. So I have never been allowed to make the sweet potatoe casserole since. Now, my aunt Brenda's hash brown casserole recipe calls for frozen hashbrowns and she is fine with that, but heaven forbid I make a sweet potatoe casserole without "real" sweet potatoes! So I think in the next week or so I will make the "famous" sweet potatoe casserole and document with photos and everything! I know you're excited and can't wait.

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