Monday, February 16, 2009

More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys!

Yep! That describes the barrel race last Saturday night at Decaturville, Tn. Ned & Kelly came over. Kelly ran my old horse, Smoothie, outran me and won $$! Our daughter-in-law Mary came down from Missouri with her friends Christy Stanley, Cindy Webb and Cindy's daughter Katelan Webb. We had a blast! Mary has really got a fun bunch of traveling buddies. Then you throw my buddy April in the mix and it was CRAZY! BTW---ditzy April forgot her voodoo stuff....soooo, no update on girl or boy.....

Christy, Mary & Katelan

Can't you tell we're having fun!

Christy, Mary, Katelan & Cindy

That may be the most enjoyable time I've ever had when I didn't win any $$. I really only have fun if I win. I'm a McGee, what else can I say. We all had good runs just didn't get in there where we wanted to.

Now on to the Amazing Race. I have an early favorite in the mother/son team of Margie and Luke. Margie is 50 and her son Luke is deaf. They came in first last night!! Very impressive

Luke & Margie

The first team sent home was the bickering couple. I bet the producers were disappointed by that! Preston was from Birmingham but had recently moved to Columbia, South Carolina to be closer to Jennifer. Don't know if he is an Auburn grad but he wore an Auburn shirt and mentioned in his bio that he loves Auburn football.
Preston & Jennifer
I think it's going to be a great season with some pretty interesting characters. What better way to describe a gay man and his gay son than interesting?

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