Friday, February 27, 2009

Waaay too high!

That's what the doctor said yesterday about my thyroid, cholesterol and triglycerides! I go every 6 months and have my blood work done and Feb was the month. But guess what..... after that bad report now I get to go back in 3 months. Lucky me! I guess the good news is, if there is any, is that Doc thinks adjusting my Thyroid meds will resolve my cholesterol and triglyceride problem. I hope so. I have been on "statins" before and I hate them! Now I'm suppose to eliminate sweets from my diet. That ain't going to happen, but I will cut back. I promise. No more peach cobbler for me. I did declare I was giving up ice cream for lent. It's a start. I must get on a serious exercise routine, like walking. Thank goodness warm weather is just around the corner. Speaking of weather...snow is in the forecast for Saturday night! It is in the 60's now.

American Idol. Did you see it last night? It was good wasn't it? In case you missed it, Adam, Allison & Kris are moving on. Adam will give Danny Gokey a run for his money. Adam may very well go all the way this season. Did you notice that so far we have 4 boys in the final 12 and only 2 girls? What's up with that? Are the boys that much better than the girls?

Facebook. I'm still loving it! I am getting to catch up with so many old friends. I'm seeing photos of friends of Matt & Kelly with their wives or husbands and their kids. It's just plain fun. If you're not a facebooker you should be. When you sign up mark me as a friend!

Dan & Ned left EARLY this morning headed to Matt's house. They hadn't made it to Savannah, Tn when the alternator went out on the truck. Of course nothing was open yet. They finally got one and put it on. They made it to Matt's where they got in the rig with him, and 2 of his friends and are headed on to Sterling, Il. The horse sale is tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that our horses bring good $$$. They are all 3 real nice horses, Dan has put a lot of time in on them. He is amazing when it comes to training horses.

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