Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reality TV

My dedicated blog readers already know that Dan and I are big fans of reality tv. Not all of it just a few favorites. Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and our absolute favorite.....The Amazing Race! Idol started a few weeks ago, Survivor starts this Thursday night, The Race starts on Sunday and Dancing with the Stars in early March. WOW! We couldn't be dedicated to these shows all at one time if it weren't for TiVo, the greatest invention known to man. Okay, maybe something like penicillen is a great invention. I still like my TiVo. We get a "season pass" to watch all these shows and then watch 'em when we want to. We have already watched the Survivor Preview Show. It was good and this looks like it will be a great season. I usually don't pick a favorite until over half way through. Will let you know how it looks in a few weeks. Idol is shaping up to be interesting, can't wait to see who winds up in the top 24. The announcement came Monday that PRCA all-around cowboy Ty Murray and his wife Jewel will be "stars" on Dancing with the Stars. If you want to see Ty you might ought to tune in at the beginning....he may not last long. Now don't get me wrong, I hope he goes all the way but I'm just saying......
Sunday is the best...The Amazing Race! I may be the shows biggest fan. I have seen every episode at least once and many of them twice thanks to the Game Show Network. I wouldn't really want to be on the show but I would like to know someone who is. I have several friends that I really think could do it and do it well. They just aren't the big fan that I am. Oh well. Thanks goodness the time is changing March 8th, we always stay up later after the time change. We'll need those extra hours to watch all the shows we've TiVo'd. Happy reality TV watching!

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