Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dancing Frog!

You decide... is Ryder dancing with or fighting with the giant frog? Which ever it is this is too cute!! Ryders mom Leah sends me photos of Ryder because they are in Missouri and we are in Alabama and we never get to see him! But we love him to pieces just the same. I love the fact that Ryder has to wear his chaps and cowboy hat!! No self respecting cowboy would dance with a frog without his proper attire!! I'm really glad Leah keeps her camera handy and catches all these fun shots. She will cherish them more than she knows in a few years!
facebook update.... I'm diggin' it! I have been contacted by former classmates and friends that I haven't heard from in years. It is nice to catch up and see how their children have grown and for some I've gotten to see their new grandbabies! One former classmate Joel, ask me how we could be old enough for grandchildren, then he went on to say if he'd known then what he knows now he would have had the grandchildren first! Funny stuff! Anyway, Dan & I are looking forward to finding out all about it!
Tonight is American Idol night....I'm just not that excited about it after last week's train wreck! I don't think I can stand to hear Tatianna the whiner/giggler one more time!

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  1. Too funny!
    I'm with you on Idol, I can't take her!