Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I hope all of you have a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous new year! I look forward to 2009 with an unusual amount of excitement! We have so much to be thankful for. We have been blessed beyond belief!
I promise my 2009 blog will be special!
Stay tuned!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Important Blog.....

coming soon! Check back often for an account of our Christmas with the Family! (And I'm sure most of you already know that my children are dog lovers too and they bring them all with them! It was interesting!) Everyone was at our house from Christmas Day until Sunday night. The days flew by for me but I loved every minute of it!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Twas the day before the day before Christmas....

and we are busy finishing up all our Christmas orders. I'm taking a few minutes to share while the "machine" works on a sweatshirt. (I think my embroidery machine needs a name!)
Sunday was a busy day with gift wrapping, carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, clothes washing, gift shopping and grocery shopping. Everything was going smooth until the man at Big Star said, "We're all out of turkey breast". My heart skipped a beat then he added, "until the truck runs tomorrow morning." Whew!!! Close call. Kelly had already asked me why I didn't have the bird yet because it would have to have time to thaw out. Monday morning I became the proud owner of a 7 lb turkey breast!
If you are going to your mail box every day looking for a Christmas card from me and Dan, don't bother, I haven't sent any yet!!! But a big thank you for all the neat ones we've gotten so far. I absolutely love the photo cards! My plan is to send out Happy New Year cards! Hopefully not to far into the new year.
Break time is over....back to work!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quick Update....

The embroidery machine is going non-stop 8am to 5pm! New orders are coming in daily and we just hope we get everything out by Christmas. Not sure when we will have to say no more before Christmas but right now we are trying to get everything out! I hope to get my tree up today or tomorrow, and my shopping done today or tomorrow, my carpets cleaned tomorrow. When I buy presents they will need to be wrapped, too! Any volunteers? No reasonable offer refused!!

The weather is still a big topic of conversation around here. Rain, rain, rain, when the rain stops tomorrow after an expected 2 inches it will turn cold, real cold. The wind chill is predicted at zero to 10 above. Bbbbbrrrrrrr!!! For those of you further north you have my sympathy!

Looks like we are putting in a long Saturday at the ole Shamrock, we normally close at 1pm and it is twenty after now and the machine is humming away with a stack of stuff beside it. May not get the tree up today after all!

I will try my best to have an update Monday sometime.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Aren't you glad to see some photos again? I am certainly glad to be able to post 'em!
First of all Daddy's birthday took on a poinsettia theme with the cake and then Jan & Carl brought Mother and Daddy a beautiful live poinsettia. Daddy had a great day with the surprise visit from Jan & Carl. (Jan is Daddy's niece that lives in Ringgold, Ga. ) He got a whole bunch of birthday cards and phone calls and he was delighted! We had pizza and cake and ice cream and it was a real good party! Thanks to all my cousins and aunts and uncles for making his day so special! I love you all so very much!
Notice the shot of Jan & Carl & Willie. Jan has been wanting to meet Willie for quite a while now and finally got her chance. I hate he was covered in hay, but with all the rain last week he spent a lot of time in his pen laying in his hay! Oh well!
Saturday was my buddy April's "30 something" birthday! We were all at the barrel race together so I snapped a couple shots of her on her big day! Thought I would share one here! She is one of my most loyal blog readers!!
BTW- Got the car was the fuel pump. Merry Christmas to me!!!
I guess the main topic of conversation around here is the weather. It rained all day yesterday with the temperature dropping all day until they issued a freezing rain advisory for our county from midnight to 9am today. No freezing rain. Today's high is supposed to be high 40's. That ain't gonna happen! It's 11 am and is just barely 34 degrees now! The big news is that Thursday's high is supposed to be 70. We'll see!! I'm not going to get my hopes up, the forecasting has not been very reliable lately!
Okay, blog break is over! Time to get back to embroidery orders!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Were you really expecting 3 in a row?

Well I was! I was on a roll, but Thursday proved to be a challenging day. I had an 8am dental appointment. Despite the fact that it was pouring down rain and the forecast was for rain changing to snow with a flash flood warning in effect I headed on out. When I finished up at the dentist I had a little over and hour to kill before my haircut appointment. I drove on over to Kohl's to work on some Christmas and Birthday shopping. When I left Kohl's it was still raining as hard as ever and boy was it cold! When I finished up at the hairdressers I went to the dollar tree ( my new favorite place to shop ) and then on to Quiznos for our lunch. So much for nice looking hair.....I'm beginning to resemble a drowned rat! After lunch I finished up some embroidery orders and headed to Big Star to pick up a few groceries before the 5 o'clock after work crowd hit the store! When I came out of Big Star it was sleeting! I was almost to the store when I decided it would be wise to get some more gas since I only had 1/4 of a tank. I put in $20 and it almost filled it up!!!! When I got back in the store it was 4pm so I decided the milk and hamburger meat would be okay in the car for an hour. Our Mormon missionairy friends came in soaked to the bone! We told them at 5 when we closed Dan would take them back to their car, no need to walk in the rain, sleet and snow. At 5 when I got in my car it wouldn't start. Nothing, Nada, Nil..... Dan took the boys back to their car and came back for me. We had to unload everything I had bought all day and put it in the truck. Dan was certain I had bought bad gas. Friday he made a couple of phone calls and a guy came out and looked at my car Friday afternoon. He thinks it is the fuel pump. The car is at his house now waiting to be fixed. If it is the fuel pump I am one very lucky person!! Apparently when these things go out they just go regardless of where you are or what the weather is doing!!! I know I have angels looking out for me and for that I am truly thankful!!!
Friday was super busy with embroidery and Dan only worked half a day because he went to a horse sale south of here. But I have set a goal for next week and will hopefully have some photos to share!!!
Have a great weekend and check back soon!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 days in a row....

a new record!!!

The embroidery machine is humming away and no one is in here buying feed right now.
First off, the pond has water again! yipppeeeee! ( I told Dan last night that if this rain didn't put water in the pond then we had a real problem!)
The creek has water! yipppeeee!
We are remembering what mud actually is! It has been soooo long since we've had this much rain we really are in shock. Some are saying 3 1/4 inches and some are saying 3 3/4 inches, it doesn't matter, we really needed it! We had rain, thunder and lightning most of the night. Today has just been gray and dreary and not too cold. Tonight we are suppose to get rain again and then tomorrow maybe some rain and snow. I have a dentist appointment and a hair cut appointment in the morning! Don't mind missing the dentist appointment but I really need a haircut!
I'll get my haircut, go by Quiznos ( our favorite sandwich shop) and come back and work on the embroidery that is waiting for me. Word of mouth and a series of ads ($45 worth) has really paid off!
I must go out to the barn and ride tonight. I wimped out and wouldn't go out to the barn in the thunder and lightning! I did go out and feed Henry, came in soaking wet! Poor Dan he gets all the crappy jobs, he had to go out to the barn and feed everything and then come back through the rain to the house. However, I'm not all bad, I did warm up leftover chicken spaghetti for him. It wasn't as good as the meal we had Monday night at the Chapparel Steak House in Lawrenceburg, but it was good.
My plan now is to blog tomorrow, even if it is like today and I don't really have anything interesting to share. I must get back in the habit! You never know when I might have something interesting to share!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Has it really been a week?

I knew I was behind in my blogging but I didn't realize it had been a whole week since I enlightened you on my doings......

Last week and so far this week the PR620 embroidery machine has been going wide open all day every day. For this we are very happy! But it does keep me from spending much time updating my blog. I have a few minutes now because Dan has a project going on the machine and I am taking advantage of that.

This has been an unusually cold December for us but today it has warmed up into the 60's as we wait for the storms to get here this evening.
The NFR is going on in Vegas now. It started last Thursday and will end this coming Saturday. Every round is televised and heaven forbid we miss it even if it means staying up until after midnight. Okay I know it is on early some nights but when you sleep through it you have to rewind and start over and watch 'til you fall asleep again. bummer!

This coming Sunday, the 14th, is my Daddy's 80th birthday! We will have a cake and ice cream party. Mother hasn't been feeling well lately and we are keeping it simple. I sure hope I live to see 80!!!

This Saturday is the barrel race at Decaturville and it is my buddy April's birthday, too!!! In case I don't get to blog before then
Happy Birthday April!

I've been hitting the jewelry parties with Kelly and having a blast. You really meet some nice folks this way. The jewelry from my party should be in this week and I am soooooo excited. I earned about $260 in free jewelry and had the best time making my selections.

I'm thinking about starting some Christmas shopping this week. This is the same old story at the Shamrock, get everybody's order out in time for Christmas but neglect our own. Maybe my loved ones will get cash......

The laptop is out of the "computer hospital" so get ready, more photos coming soon.
I'm sorry to say I have not had time to pursue my photography the last few weeks and I am really missing it. Time to organize and plan my days and nights better! I could be getting some cool night shots if it wasn't so dang cold. I'm a wimp! And my cohort Dan isn't a whole lot better.

Thanks for the emails, even if they are to tell me I am the biggest blog slacker on blogspot! Keep 'em coming!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Catch up....

That's exactly what I need to do, Catch Up!!!
First off, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Friday, Ned & Kelly came down and of course we ate again! Saturday was my Premier Jewelry show at the store. We had a great time and I earned a "boat load" of free jewelry!!! Yeah me!! When we left the store we went home and watched the "Iron Bowl" aka Auburn/Alabama football game. Bama won! ROLL TIDE! and all that good stuff.... As soon as the game was over we headed to town to eat. You'd think we would be foundered by now, but I just kept shoveling it in. Sunday was a lazy day (probably because we had eaten so much) We made a pot of Chili for lunch, took a nap and then went to the barn and rode. The temperature was dropping all day and then the rain Monday morning we had sleet and snow!! Yes, right here in the sunny south! The themometer never made it to 40 all day yesterday. Today is better and the sun is shining bright. Tomorrow we should be in the 60's! Yippppeeeee!
The embroidery machine is running non stop now. This is going to be a good asset for the ole Shamrock Feed and Tack.
Photo Update.... I use the laptop for all my photos and my photo editing. Last week it shot craps. Friday morning I took it to the computer doctor down the street and he diagnosed a broken AC adapter connection. So a new one has been ordered and it may be back in business by tomorrow. I miss my photos :( and I miss sharing them too!
Well, back to work for me I have several embroidery projects to do today!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shamrock Voice Mail, Final Chapter

That's right, after 4 different people (Kelly, Danielle, Dan & myself) couldn't get it set up I told them to please take voice mail off my store phone! On Monday Danielle started the process. She did exactly as Dan and I expected and in about 45 seconds she was yelling at the phone and making huffing and puffing noises. Then to top it off she finally got to speak with a real person and she is sure he was eating little Debbies. She swears she could hear the plastic wrappers. This may be when Dan took over to no avail. At one time we were just passing the phone back and forth between the three of us. Finally I was able to speak to a human, Manuel, we're friends now. He lives in Denver but would love to be in the south (of course). Manuel worked with me for about 2 hours telling me different things to do to try to set up the voice mail. I think he was relieved when I told him to just cancel voice mail from my package. He did say he was going to have a couple more techs work on this problem and I may be hearing back..... I haven't.

This is just a quick update before I take off to mother and daddy's to make the dressing for our Thanksgiving Dinner. We always make it on the Wednesday before and let it season itself overnight. If I say so myself it is delicious!

I hope all my blogger buddies have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I challenge you to take a few minutes to count your blessings! My family and my friends are my greatest blessing! My list of blessings grows daily as I continue to be blessed more than I deserve!


Monday, November 24, 2008

voice mail, round 2

Well, Kelly came down on Friday. She had a jewelry party Friday night ( photos coming soon). Friday night she tackled the voice mail dilema at home. She had the voice mail activated in nothing flat. She says "dial so and so number and you can listen to your voice mail, you're gonna love it." Okay, this is the good part. The voice mail that I was so upset about not being able to retrieve was from AT&T telling me they were going to send me some info in the mail explaining to me how to set up and retrieve my voice mail. And I thought I was a moron!!!!

Unfortunately the voice mail dilema at the store is still ongoing. Kelly worked on it for a while but the "lady" kept telling her to enter a 4 digit pass code. Kelly would enter it and the "lady" would say "you must enter at least 4 digits". This went on forever. I tried it and they finally told me they were sorry I didn't understand what to do, to try back later and goodbye! I have already told Danielle that today is her turn! Maybe three is the charm.'s a killer!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Voice Mail

Tuesday was my follow up visit for my root canal. Yuck!!! I go back in 2 weeks for my temporary crown. Now you know what I'm getting for Christmas! LOL

This has been a terrific week in the store for embroidery. I've stayed busy every day!

In case you are wondering about my Weight Watchers.... this is the deal. I realized, with the help of my friend Glenda, because I am a "lifer" I don't have to weigh every week. I can weigh and pay once a month. Makes a lot more sense to my wallet. ( I do have a crown to pay for now) So, I will be weighing again next week.

Kelly is coming down today. She has a jewelry party at my girlfriend Trina's tonight. We are going to go the sewing center and buy more thread and supplies. Have lunch and enjoy the day together. Friday is usually a busy day at the Shamrock so she can help out. She is suppose to figure out how to access the voice mail for our phone at the store. Yes, I am electronically challenged and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I got a letter in the mail from AT&T and they offered us a cheaper rate on our home phone. I called 'em, told 'em to sign us up. This new rate came with voice mail. Okay, in 30 + years of marriage Dan & I have never even had an answering machine. I know, we're challenged. I did ask the sales lady if she would be sending me something explaining how voice mail works, she assured me she would. Last night when we came in from the barn I noticed there was a red light flashing on the phone. I now know this means you have a message. What I don't know is how to retrieve it! I finally found my instruction manual for the phone and followed the directions. Got it all set up, or so I thought, and when I followed the directions to retrieve the message all I got was a busy signal! Now I'm totally confused. This is why I haven't even attempted the voice mail at the store. Thank goodness Kelly is coming today! Moral of this story is....if you call the house don't leave me a message, just call me back!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is my jewelry show at the store. If you're reading this you're invited. It's a come and go from 10am to 1pm. This invite is for guys too. Come and pick out something for your wife or girlfriend (or both, LOL) and you won't have to go to the mall. You'll be a lot more comfortable in a feed store! See you there!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bling, Bling at the Jewelry Party!!

It was all about the bling and having a rip roaring good time. I knew anything that April was a part of would be a blast... she didn't let me down. The jewelry is amazing. Everybody got to put some on and model it! oh yeah! You know I loved that! You really have to see this jewelry in person to appreciate how nice it is. Catalogs just don't do it justice. April had a great party and will be well rewarded for it with a lot of free jewelry. My jewelry show will be Saturday, Nov. 29th at the store, Shamrock Feed & Tack. It will be from 10am to 1pm. I'm really getting excited about this adventure after being at April's party. So if you're close enough to come by I expect to see you on the 29th. This is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If you want to have your own party and get free jewelry too get in touch with Kelly at . This Friday is Trina's party. She won't let me down either. I'm figuring it will be a blast too, especially if her other friends are as crazy as the ones I know!

It was a cold day for a wedding, but....

the bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome and everyone had a great time! Below is a random assortment of shots from the wedding and reception. Ben, the groom, is the grandson of Daddy's sister Lois. Ben's parents are my cousin Cathy and her husband Larry Rodgers. Cole ( the handsome young man in the vest) is Aunt Lois' great-grandson. My favorite shot is the one where aunt Lois is blowing bubbles in Daddy's face and he has his hand up. I guess baby sisters never outgrow aggravating their big brothers!! Lois and her daughter Connie took a great picture. Connie is Cole's grandmother. I know what you're thinking I think she looks too young to be a grandmother too! It was a great afternoon visiting with my kinfolks. We don't get together often enough and I really hate that because we have such a good time when we're together. Enjoy the shots!

Friday, November 14, 2008

cold weather on the way.......

and Shamrock Embroidery is ready for it! We've worked on winter scarves, sweatshirts, stocking caps, ear warmer head bands and winter coats this week. Today the temp was around 70 degrees but probably won't make it out of the 40's tomorrow. bbrrrrrrr!!! I guess it is November and cold weather is to be expected but that doesn't help me to like it!
Tomorrow is my cousin Ben's wedding in Lawrenceburg, Tn. I will be taking Mother and Daddy. Ben is Daddy's sister Lois' grandson. I know I'll enjoy being with my aunts and cousins for the afternoon. Check back next week for wedding shots! Luckily for Mother the wedding is at 2pm and the Alabama football game isn't on tv until 6:30 pm. My mother never ceases to amaze me with her love of football. She can watch it all weekend long and Alabama football is her absolute favorite.
Sunday is the jewelry party at my buddy April's. I know this is going to be a fun afternoon. April is always up for a good time and, like me, she loves to laugh at just about anything.
Next week we will have an ad in the weekly paper announcing that we have added embroidery and monogramming to our business. Keep your fingers crossed for good results from this ad. It will run for 6 weeks which will take us to the week of Christmas. Can you believe it? Christmas is right around the corner. These shots are from some of this weeks embroidery projects, enjoy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Photos

Sunday morning Dan & I took off for Rock Springs, on the Natchez Trace. I was there back in September and wanted to go back and get some shots with the fall colors. There are a lot of beaver dams here and we saw quite a few trees that the beaver had been working on! When I was there in September one of the favorite shots of mine was of the foot bridge crossing Colbert Creek. Sunday the water was actually over some of the stones. We crossed anyway and took the hike and I took tons of photos. When we left there we went on down the trace to the Colbert Ferry Crossing named after Chief George Colbert who operated a Ferry across the Tn. River at this location. This was Indian Territory and Chief Colbert was Chickasaw and Scot. It was a fun morning despite being a bit chilly. I've posted a few of my favorite shots, enjoy!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Debbie Bidwell called me earlier today to let me know how much Quinlan was loving her new pony! Her name isn't Tillie anymore it's Bonnie! Quinlan told her mom this morning, "you're not going to lead me around anymore. I am a big girl now and I can ride Bonnie by myself." Don't you just love it?

Pony riders, flea mkts. & baby showers

Saturday was a busy day. We had a good day at the store and then went to the barrel race at Iron City, Tn. They had a good turnout, but unfortunately due to bad ground a lot of people got their entry fees back and left. They still had about 70 in the open and Kelly won the 4D with her new 5 year old gelding. It has been a challenge for her having a young horse and not having enough time to ride him everyday but this Friday is her last day at the bank so she will be able to ride during the day. When we got home Kelly set up her embroidery machine and did some more stuff to take to Ashley's baby shower. She really has a neat machine. It does all the licensed Disney stuff. Sunday morning we got up early [what time change?] and went to Crump, Tn to the flea mkt. Dan found some wheels that he will use to make some carts for his ponies and I bought us some more socks. I figure the more socks in the drawer the less often I'll have to wash. Sounds good in theory, we'll see.

On the way home the Bidwells called and were on their way to look a ponies for their daughter Quinlan. Note to self....when the Bidwell's are at the house have camera in hand!!!! Quilan is an absolute cutie and Shawn is a nut! What I wouldn't give to have a shot of him trying out a saddle by putting it on the pipe rail of the roping box and balancing. Now mind you he is a former bronc rider and can ride but this was hilarious. Debbie was trying to video it and Ned was trying to hang on to the back of the saddle to help balance it. That is why I like the folks so much it is always something going on when you are around them. Quiland tried two ponies and decided on the paint pony mare. When they left she was calling her Tillie. She was infatuated with all the chicken feathers she saw laying around so Dan helped her collect some and then they went over to the stall side and saw the setting hen. She was impressed. I think Willie was what really stole her heart though. He has that effect on people though.

After the Bidwell's left Kelly and I headed out to Selena Daniel's for Ashley's baby shower. It was a blast! You would not believe all the cool stuff you can get for a baby these days. Maybe I had mine to soon.....NOT! Selena is Ashley's sister and the shower was at her and husband Steve's brand spanking new house. It is gorgeous. Saw a lot of old friends that I just don't get to see often enough. The food was great too and Ashley's sister April made a "dirt cake". I was just crazy about this little creation!

Finally, April [one of my absolute best buds] bought her a new truck Saturday and I will be the first to say she needed one! It is a beautiful truck and I am so happy for April. She also told me she was going to quit smoking and this savings would help make the payment! For this I am really, really proud!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

wild weekend coming up!

Tomorrow will be a busy day for Dan and myself. We will be working at the store until 1pm. When we close we will go home, load the horses and go to the barrel race at Iron City, Tn. Kelly will meet us there. We have tentative plans to go to Crump, Tn first thing Sunday morning to the flea mkt. Dan has a couple of things he is looking for. I need a new stool for the store. With the new machine and a new computer we need more good seats. We must be home by about noon. Kelly and I are going to a baby shower for our buddy Ashley Parker later in the afternoon. Ashley and hubby Clay are expecting their first baby in late January. It's a boy! We are pretty excited about this little fella! Next week I will publish some of the shots of some of the presents we made for little Hesston.

The comcast installer spent about 3 and 1/2 hours with us today. When he left he told me I could talk on the phone, watch tv and run 4 computers all at the same time. WOW! We probably won't watch a whole lot of tv unless the weather is bad or something. We don't watch much daytime tv. [ I used to watch Oprah but haven't in so long I don't know if I could get in the habit again.] I can tell you this....... I love Hi-Speed internet!! I might have a slight case of whiplash from the pages loading so fast!!!!

We did a couple of jackets and a couple of bibs and I did the cutest little pink bag with a ballerina bunny on it today. Needless to say we love embroidery! If things get a little slow at the store on Saturday I will upload some pics of our newest projects.

Well it is almost 11pm on Halloween and just like the last 17 years no trick or treaters at our house. Isn't that weird. When we lived in Cedar Hill, Mo we were on a major hiway and didn't have any trick or treaters there either. We've have never had trick or treaters our whole married life. I don't know why I keep buying candy.....okay, I do know but don't tell my weight watcher leader!

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to "fall back" with your clocks Saturday night!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

WW, Hi-Speed, Warming Trend & Embroidery!

First off, Weight Watchers didn't go that great today.... I only lost .2 pounds. Yes that is a point in front of the 2. I am beginning to see a pattern. Good week, not so good week, good week, not so good week. Now we need to work on 2 good weeks in a row.

Friday is the day Comcast is supposed to come to the store and hook up our hi-speed internet, cable tv and telephone. Yippppeeee!

Finally warmed back up and will be in the 70's for a few days. Still no rain though.

We were busy today embroidering. Did a little boys jacket with his name, elephant, and roll tide on the front. Also got some more bibs and starting doing them up for sale. I have also included a shot of one of Dan's pullovers that we did a couple days ago. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

$1.36 a gallon!!!

We can dream can't we? This is a shot I got at an old abandoned store in Tishomingo County, Ms. I was taking shots of the store and decided I had better get one of the gas price too. It goes to show how long since the store has been in operation. Gas prices are falling, thank goodness, just not this low!

Dan & I are making good progress with the embroidery machine. Danielle has been a blessing to us as she has figured out a lot about the computer program and then taught us.

I mailed my Outdoor Alabama photos yesterday. Keep your fingers crossed that at least one of the six places in the contest. My shots included 2 gulf fritillary butterflies, one praying mantis, one bumble bee, the foot bridge at Rock Springs on the Natchez Trace and of course the "award winning" mushroom. I entered the mushroom in the "wild flora" category. Just between us it is not a plant. Nor is it an animal. It is just fungi! I contacted a mushroom expert via email to get a scientific name for my mushroom. The website said feel free to email and ask for an ID but it might take 2 to 3 weeks for a reply as the "expert" is very busy. You can imagine how shocked I was when I got a reply the very next day. He wanted to know where the picture was taken in the US and in what type of area as he had been researching and tracking this particular mushroom, the amanita thiersii. I responded and told him we lived in the northwest corner of Alabama and the mushroom was growing in the horse pasture. I took my shots to mother and daddy's when I picked them up so they could see them before I mailed them. Mother's favorite is the foot bridge shot! Check out my Flickr Photostream [link on the left] to see these shots and more.

Next contest is the Wildlife Wilderness Week in Pigeon Forge, Tn. Still have some logistics to work out on this one though.