Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 days in a row....

a new record!!!

The embroidery machine is humming away and no one is in here buying feed right now.
First off, the pond has water again! yipppeeeee! ( I told Dan last night that if this rain didn't put water in the pond then we had a real problem!)
The creek has water! yipppeeee!
We are remembering what mud actually is! It has been soooo long since we've had this much rain we really are in shock. Some are saying 3 1/4 inches and some are saying 3 3/4 inches, it doesn't matter, we really needed it! We had rain, thunder and lightning most of the night. Today has just been gray and dreary and not too cold. Tonight we are suppose to get rain again and then tomorrow maybe some rain and snow. I have a dentist appointment and a hair cut appointment in the morning! Don't mind missing the dentist appointment but I really need a haircut!
I'll get my haircut, go by Quiznos ( our favorite sandwich shop) and come back and work on the embroidery that is waiting for me. Word of mouth and a series of ads ($45 worth) has really paid off!
I must go out to the barn and ride tonight. I wimped out and wouldn't go out to the barn in the thunder and lightning! I did go out and feed Henry, came in soaking wet! Poor Dan he gets all the crappy jobs, he had to go out to the barn and feed everything and then come back through the rain to the house. However, I'm not all bad, I did warm up leftover chicken spaghetti for him. It wasn't as good as the meal we had Monday night at the Chapparel Steak House in Lawrenceburg, but it was good.
My plan now is to blog tomorrow, even if it is like today and I don't really have anything interesting to share. I must get back in the habit! You never know when I might have something interesting to share!!

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