Monday, November 30, 2009

The Winner Is......

Thanks for entering the contest!
It was fun for me...
Hope it was fun for you...
We will have another giveaway hopefully before Christmas...
I really enjoyed reading what you all were thankful for.
Everyone was especially thankful for their family! This warms my heart. This confirms what we already know...that material things don't matter as long as we have our families. Nobody mentioned being thankful for their posessions even though I know we are...We are thankful for the opportunity to have nice things. But we'll be alright if they are gone tomorrow as long as we have our families.

Now for the winner!

Drum roll please...

Drum roll a little longer.....and louder....

And the winner is

Jolyn Wells

Congrats to Jolyn! We'll get your necklace and earrings to you ASAP! Thanks for entering.
Don't forget to check out our website I've updated the jewelry page. I know you'll find something you really want for Christmas! And we'd really like to sell it to you! I have no shame....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Giving Thanks & Giving Stuff Away!

Our Jewelry Parties are going GREAT!
Our jewelry sales at the store are going GREAT!
We've got some really cool stuff!
Folks are diggin' it!
We're thankful!
Thankful beyond words....
So thankful we are going to give this gorgeous set away....Necklace and matching earrings. And yes, the earrings and the necklace are the same color. This morning when I was trying to snap some adequate photos for the contest I was in a hurry and didn't set up a really good shooting area...I'm really busy okay? Soooo the color of the pendant in the close up is a little dark...the first shot really shows the true color but I wanted you to be able to see some more detail...hence the close up, that I'm not so proud of...Let's just move on!
Now here's how you win.....
Leave a comment at the end of this post telling me what you are thankful for.
Leave your first and last name.
You may have to leave a comment as anonymous, if so, make sure you leave your full name.
Only one entry per person.
Contest ends Monday, November 30th.
Winner is selected by random draw.
Winner will be announced Monday afternoon.
Men can enter too even if they aren't loyal blog readers. If they win they can give this to their wife, or girlfriend, or sister, or aunt or the mail lady. I don't care... I just want you to enter. I also want you to go to our website and look around. I'll be getting more jewelry photos up ASAP. I promise.
I'm thankful for my blog readers...You're the BEST!
So enter up now and GOOD LUCK!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yard Sale Weekend....

It was BEEEEE-U-TE-FUL! Kathryn and I had been planning this yard sale since September. Every weekend we were both home so was the rain. It rained a lot! Finally, last week Kathryn said, "if it rains this week we are just cancelling until next spring!" Well, it didn't rain and in fact I don't think we could have requested better weather. Friday was our best day! We were selling like crazy. We were raking in the dough. We were on fire. Saturday not so much....

But Saturday was still my favorite day. We were just sitting there enjoying the fabulous day when I looked up and my buddy Julie Kloberdanz was walking up! This wouldn't have been that spectacular except Julie doesn't live here anymore. She and her family live in Brighton, Colorado. They used to live here. Her husband Dan works for Lockheed-Martin. He's a rocket scientist. He was transferred here a few years ago. Julie has horses. They lived less than a mile from our feed store. They bought their house from Dr. Beasley and his wife, the Beasleys were feed store customers. They were moving to Mobile. The Beasley's told the Kloberdanz' if they needed anything to come by the feed store and we would help them. They came by. We became friends. See how easy that is... making friends has always been easy for me. And luckily for me I make friends with the best folks imaginable. You know the kind that their Mother told 'em, "to have friends you have to be a friend." My friends all know how to be good friends! Lucky me!

When my doctor told me a few years back that I needed to start walking everyday I was going up to the community center and walking by myself everyday. Julie came in the store one day and we were talking... when the conversation got around to me walking Julie said, "I'm going to start walking with you." She did. She kept me on track. She came by the store every day and picked me up and we walked and talked and became even better friends. Julie and her daughter Miranda was with us when "Flash" took Kelly's photos for her wedding portrait. It took all of us to get that wedding dress on Kelly in that little Church bathroom! These are the memories that just stay with you. Julie made both the Brides cake and the Grooms cake at Kelly and Ned's wedding. They were beautiful and delicious! I don't think I could have ever gotten everything done for that wedding without Julie. We went to Pilates class together, talked about horses, sewing, and just about everything under the sun. Then it happened. Her husband Dan was transferred back to Denver. I was happy for Julie, I knew how much she missed Colorado and her friends and family and her Rocky Mountains, but I was sad for myself. Good friends like her are treasures. We keep in touch. She's got an embroidery machine too. She also has a new Canon camera and is persuing photography. Julie was here for a week visiting with a friend who has had a rough time this summer. I know Julie's visit was good medicine! I told her when she can come back I'll need her to myself for at least one whole day and I'll take 2 if I can get it!

Now, I'm gonna share some photos of guess who?

You guessed it...Zane! These were taken yesterday morning. Dan and I were getting ready to head out the door going to work but I had to get out the camera and take some shots of my precious baby Zane! He is soooo happy in the mornings. What a blessing God has given us!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zane 5 Months Old Today

Can you believe it? Doesn't the time just fly by? In 5 short months he has more than trippled his birth weight. He's over 13 pounds now. He has learned to smile and coo. He sleeps through the night. He knows how to let you know when he's hungry. He's found his thumb and likes it.... A lot. He has learned how to hold his head up despite the weight of those unbelievably fat cheeks. He has us all wrapped around his tiny little finger. And, he has acquired 4 pony saddles! He even dressed up for Halloween! Not really a costume but an adorable outfit! (Next year I'm sure we'll all be excited about trick or treating!) Thank goodness I've taken those 3 million photos....he's changing so fast it's easy to forget what he was like last week! When I went with my favorite daughter-in-law Mary to Ohio I didn't see Zane for almost 2 weeks. This was the longest I had gone without seeing him since his birth. I was amazed at how much he had grown!

Here are Zane's Halloween photos. Enjoy!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cactus is a Brand....

I sometimes forget that people other than my rodeo, roping and barrel racing buddies read my blog... My cousin Kathy is one of these people. Upon reading the previous blog she immediately sent me a message. "I want to see a photo of a cactus saddle!" At first I was like okay. Then it hit me. Like a ton of bricks. I should have mentioned somewhere that "cactus" was the brand name. Not the type. Then I started picturing in my mind what a saddle made from Cactuses or is it cacti? would look like. Then came the laughter. The uncontrollable laughter. The images of cowboys riding in a saddle made from a cactus..... Maybe I just needed a good laugh, maybe I'm just goofy but I found it really, really funny. I'm glad Kathy was paying attention and clued me in on this. I hope if anyone else was wondering about this I have cleared it up for them too. Keep the emails coming....and keep me on my toes!