Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zane 5 Months Old Today

Can you believe it? Doesn't the time just fly by? In 5 short months he has more than trippled his birth weight. He's over 13 pounds now. He has learned to smile and coo. He sleeps through the night. He knows how to let you know when he's hungry. He's found his thumb and likes it.... A lot. He has learned how to hold his head up despite the weight of those unbelievably fat cheeks. He has us all wrapped around his tiny little finger. And, he has acquired 4 pony saddles! He even dressed up for Halloween! Not really a costume but an adorable outfit! (Next year I'm sure we'll all be excited about trick or treating!) Thank goodness I've taken those 3 million photos....he's changing so fast it's easy to forget what he was like last week! When I went with my favorite daughter-in-law Mary to Ohio I didn't see Zane for almost 2 weeks. This was the longest I had gone without seeing him since his birth. I was amazed at how much he had grown!

Here are Zane's Halloween photos. Enjoy!

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