Thursday, September 24, 2009

Giveaway Time!!!!

It's that time again!

We're giving something away!

It's gonna be fun!


It's gonna be easy!


It's gonna start today!!


It's gonna end next Thursday, October 1st!

Wanna know what you're playing for?

I think you're gonna like it....

"precious stone" necklace and earrings! This set is absolutely gorgeous and will look good with any outfit! Oh, you're a guy and you don't wear necklaces and earrings? Not a problem, win it and then make your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, aunt or just about anybody HAPPY!

Over the next few weeks we will be adding jewelry to our website We're pretty excited about this and want you to be excited about it too! Because I like you, you are getting the sneak peek! Okay better than a sneak peek, you have a chance to win this beautiful set!

Wanna know what you have to do to win it?
Okay, this is the fun part....
Next Thursday October 1st is my birthday. No need for me to be the only one getting all the cool gifts right? Here's your chance to celebrate too!

Now here's the easy part...
Leave a comment at the end of this blog entry telling me your first and last name and when your birthday is. You may have to leave your comment as "anonoymous". So be sure and leave your first and last name. Winner will be announced Thursday, October 1st.
If you receive this in your email you need to go to the actual blog page and enter
Could it be any easier? I didn't think so.....
Good Luck and tell a friend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

North Alabama State Fair

It's fair time again. It started last night. I took my photos over last Saturday, all 7 of 'em. Remember I was going with the shotgun method. Hoping at least one would win something. Well, Dan and I went over last night to check it out.

None of my photos won anything.

Except one.

It won first place!

It also won Best of Show!!


I was shocked because I never dreamed any of my shots would have a chance at "Best of Show".

I was shocked because of all my shots this is not the one I would have dreamed would have been named "Best of Show".

I was shocked because none of my other, more deserving photos, won anything. My emotions ran the gamut from happy, excited, dissapointed, upset and back to happy again. I did at some point tell Dan that I hate to criticize the judging since I did just win "Best of Show" but I'm just not getting it. I looked at ALL the entries. It wasn't just my shots that I thought should have at least placed. I saw many, many photos that I really liked and they didn't place either. I was confused. I was 9 years old when I started showing horses and I learned very quickly that when you put yourself (or your horse) out there and ask to be judged you are just asking for that persons opinion and everybodies is different. This is what I kept telling myself. A lot.
Sooo, enough of that already here is the winning photo.....

Swapping Shadows

Remember me blogging about my idea for the "altered" class? Well this is my 'altered' photo. The idea started out using an apple and an orange. Then I asked Dan what he thought of using a water glass and a goblet. He thought that might work better. So after supper that night we got to work on it. Notice I said 'we' ....this was a joint venture. And even though from a photographic stand point it wasn't my favorite shot. It will always be a favorite because Dan and I worked together on this project. Honestly I felt it would place in its catergory. And, I will gladly accept my $140 prize money and spend it wisely!

Now for more important things....
Little Parker Daniel needs our prayers. He is the son of Crystal and Landon Daniel. Landon and Matt graduated from MHBS together and were good friends. Parker was born at 27 weeks and weighed less than 2 pounds. He has made a lot of progress but is in the middle of a set back right now. He is in the NICU at Baptist Hospital in Nashville. Please offer up a prayer for him and his family as they really need them right now! Please pray for all the NICU babies, everywhere.

New Giveaway coming...Check tomorrow for details!

Well I'm heading home now to paint.... Maybe I'll get more on the walls than on me but I doubt it. I'm not a very good painter.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Canon T1i's first photos...

Well I wish I could say this was one of my original's not! I stole it from my buddy Kathy McCloy. Kathy is a real honest to goodness photographer who makes a living taking photos. (link to her site on the left) When she got a new camera a while back her first shot with it was her hubby, her #1! So I stole her idea and took my first shot with my new camera of Dan. He didn't want his photo taken. That doesn't stop me. I shoot any way. Dan has been so patient with my photography hobby. He goes with me to crazy places and helps me look for that "perfect" shot. He sits by quietly while I take my 300+ shots only to have a handful of keepers. He wades in water, mud and no telling what else so I can play photographer. So I think it's fitting that he is my #1 shot with my new camera!

Elder Hatch and Elder Whitaker setting up my new printer/copier/scanner! I miss Elder Brough. He would haved loved to have been in on this project!!!

Zane trying out his "bumbo" seat......

And now.....This is Dan's new favorite photo....Zane getting sleepy at the wheel...He obviously has a lot of McGee in him!

Check back Thursday for the announcement of a new GIVEAWAY!
Please remember to pray for all the NICU babies everywhere!
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Canon Rebel T1i....IS MINE

Tuesday, just like the company said, my new camera the Canon Rebel T1i arrived. I was talking with Kelly on the phone when I saw the UPS truck pull up. "I gotta go, UPS is here!" ... Jerry is our UPS driver. Jerry has been our driver for many years now. Sometimes we see him everyday sometimes only once or twice a week. We've become friends. I hung up the phone and started in with "is that from b&h?" I kinda knocked Jerry out of the way and saw that it was indeed from b&h. That's when I grabbed Jerry's arms and we started jumping up and down together with me saying, "it's my new camera, it's my new camera!" Then I danced him around the store....Okay the jumping and dancing didn't really happen but when they make a movie of my life...the one where I'm played by Jennifer Anniston... that's the way it should go down! I am still pretty excited about my camera but haven't had the kind of time necessary to read the book thoroughly so I don't mess it up before I get to use it. I did that to my first computer but that's another story for another time. My new camera case/back pack came in yesterday. I'm sooo cool! Now all of a sudden I remember the start of school and getting all the new stuff. I get it all out and look at it. I've gone online and registered my new stuff with the canon company. I also think that one of the reasons I haven't had time to "fiddle" with my new camera is because I've been working on my photos for the fair. I finally got all my editing done. I picked them up from the printer yesterday and they are now at the frame shop being mounted on X-board! Dan and I did the 'altered' shot Sunday night. I like it. That's the important thing right? Anyway when all was said and done (and a lot more is always said than done) I have 7 photos to enter this year. I'm using the ole shotgun method...surely one will be a hit! I like 'em all. That's the important thing right? My mama likes 'em all too! It's always good when your mama tells you how much she likes your 'stuff'. Saturday is the day I'll drop 'em off at the fair and when the fair starts next Tuesday Dan & I will go over and see if the shotgun method worked....or not. Keep your fingers crossed....

This is what I saw when I opened the box! The big box on the bottom is the new printer/copier/scanner.

This is all the camera stuff laid out on the table....
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I did it!!!

I did it, I did it, I FINALLY did it!!!
What you ask...
Did she finally lose that extra 40 pounds she's been toting around?
I wish... but NO!

Did she finally finish her cleaning project?

Did she finally unclutter her email inbox?
Probably a "never" on this one.....

Did she finally learn to use photoshop?
Not yet, and maybe never....

What I did do is this....
I finally ordered my new camera!
Yippppeeeee for me!
I finally took the big leap from point and shoot to DSLR! I'm pretty stinkin' excited about the whole deal.
I've bought myself a Canon T1i camera with the 18-55mm lens. I also bought the zoom telephoto EF75-300 auto focus lens, UV filters for each lens, a lens cleaning kit, and this may be the best part....the Canon Pixma MP 980 all-in-one printer, scanner, copier was in my camera package. Buying the 2 items together qualified me for the $300 rebate! Making it a very sweet deal! I ordered from B&H photo/video out of NYC. I had researched for weeks and this company kept coming up at the top of everybody's list. I did read one review that said they may seem "snippy" when you speak with them on the phone but they really aren''s just that "yankee" lingo! I must say, every time I called 'em with a dumb question they were very nice! They just couldn't be ugly when I turned on my good ole southern charm! No really... I can be charming...when I want to! I got my confirmation email today that my camera and printer and all my goodies had shipped! My expected delivery date is Tuesday the 15th of September! Next week! The first thing Dan wanted to know was if I was going to sell my Kodak camera that I've used for the last few years. NO! When you are blessed with a second child you don't get rid of the first one do you? I didn't think so.....I've been trying to think of what I want my first photo with my new camera to be....Because it should be here on Tuesday and I only see Zane on weekends it doesn't look like it's going to be him...If he were here I wouldn't even have to think twice! I wonder if I'll get any sleep Monday night? I'm downright "giddy" talking about my new camera... I must come up with a name for the bundle of joy.
Sometime yesterday I realized that I have the rest of this week and next to have my photo entries for the fair printed and mounted. Where did the time go? Why have I gotten behind all of a sudden? Today after I monogrammed 10 shirts for a fella I copied my potentials on a CD and will take them to the printers tomorrow. Vicky who works for the printer always helps me with my decision of which one to enter and which one to scrap. I sure hope she's there tomorrow. Once they are printed it's off the frame shop by our store for "mounting". That's an artsy term for glueing it to a board so it can be displayed. I have a really good idea for the "photoshopped photo" category but I will probably need help. I told Dan that we were going to work on it Saturday. He didn't say okay but he didn't say no either. I'm taking that as a "yes, I'll help you with it on Saturday, that'll be fun." Instead of, "if I'm not doing anything that might even be remotely more enjoyable than watching you fuss over a stupid photo I'll be there. But don't count on it." Trust me if this turns out it will be soooo cool. And you'll be the first to see it. After the judges of course. So stay tuned.
Have a GREAT day and don't forget to pray for the NICU babies everywhere!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I LOVE My Family!!!

I really, really do! Two weeks ago was the Sharp-Stults family reunion and this past Saturday was the Ferrell family reunion. I always enjoy these 'get-togethers'. The Sharp-Stults reunion is here in my hometown. We drive to Cookeville, TN for the Ferrell reunion. My brother, Pat and I took mother and daddy again this year. Daddy really enjoys it and starts talking about going months in advance. Ned and Kelly had planned to go this year and were looking forward to it. Then the "flu" struck and they decided Zane just wasn't ready to get in crowds yet. He has only had one round of vacinations and will go immediately to the hospital if he gets sick. I think they've had enough of hospitals for a while! My cousin Cathy's new grandson, "Jase Daley" was there. Let me tell you he is as cute as they come!! My cousin Lee's new granddaughter, "Alyssa Marie" came by too! She was only 5 days old and already a beauty! The past few years we have always had our reunion at a shelter at Cane Creek. This year my Aunt Brenda arranged for us to use her Church's activity center. It was very nice. We didn't have peddle boats and ducks to feed but we did have air conditioning, a kitchen, an ice maker, convenient, clean restrooms and when it started to rain we were inside! So I'm voting we stay at the Church! Cousin Roger owns a Mexican restaraunt so we were treated to the best Mexican cuisine you've ever tasted! I think I've mentioned before how much I love Aunt Brenda's hashbrown casserole. This year when I smelled it in the oven I took a peek. I said, " oh yeah, Aunt Brenda's hashbrown casserole!" Little Bailey corrected me and told me that she made it this year! I don't care who made it... it was, as usual, delicious! The only thing to outdo the meal was DESSERT! Strawberry cake, chocolate pecan pie, peanut butter pie, fresh fruit and I think that's all I sampled. There might have been more but by now I was on a sugar high and couldn't remember what I had eaten. Besides the new babies in our family we will be getting a new "in-law" or "out-law" or something like that. My cousin Kristi is engaged! Josh proposed during a hot air balloon ride the week before. Isn't that romantic? They haven't set a date yet but I bet it won't be too far off....We missed Jan and Carl and Tonya, Baxter and Cole, it's just not the same without 'em. So that was my Saturday and that is why I love my family.... they are just loveable!

Sunday morning Dan and I got up and headed to Ripley, MS to the flea mkt. Dan sold stuff and I bought stuff...that seems to be the way it always works out. We left the flea market and stopped by the Wagon Train at Tishomingo, MS. We visited a while, traded a while and then headed get the trailer and go back and pick up horses Dan had traded for. I skipped this trip and went to town to run some errands.

Monday morning we got up early and took off to see our number one buddy, Zane! He is growing so fast we don't want to go more than a week without seeing him. He had is weekly weigh in. Kelly jumped in first and guessed 10 pounds 9 ounces, I guessed 10-10(my CB friend), Dan said 10 pounds 9 1/2 ounces and Ned said 10- 10 1/2. Not much leeway there! Dan was the big winner this week with his guess of 10-9 1/2! We also did our little 3 month photo shoot! We put a dressy outfit on the little bugger and snapped away hoping for at least one good one. Then we put him in his NICU alumni onesie. He looked more like himself in the onesie! He's still all cheeks and its all you can do not to squeeze 'em every time you hold him. This Sunday is the NICU reunion at Centennial Hospital. Zane will miss this year, thanks to the flu going around, but I bet he'll be there next year!
Here are some of the photos from this weekend. Enjoy!
Jase with his granma Cathy and Auntie Amy....

Alyssa Marie

Kristi and Josh...showing off that beautiful ring!

The Ferrell Kids.... Ewin, Lois, Roy(Thomas), Robert and Betty Ruth

Granma Cathy and Baby Jase...

And now for Baby Zane.... It's not a dress... It's a "bubble suit".....

This hat came with the outfit.... We had to get a photo of him in it...didn't we?

Thanks mommy...for taking that hat off of me.....
10 pounds 9 1/2 ounces....half baby, half cheeks....
While in the NICU we made friends with some amazing folks. Baby Joyce's grandmother Kim Leady and Joyce's mother, Jamie designed and made these onesies for the babies.... Imagine that, already an alumni!
Kim is an author,(I just finished reading one of her books) check out her website with the link on the left of this page.
Wubbanub is my buddy... and don't you forget it!
I love you Daddy... and thanks for rescueing me from my G-mama and her camera!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Zane...3 months old today!

WOW! What an amazing 3 months it has been... We've been on the wildest emotional ride you could ever imagine. A ride we'll never forget! A ride that has renewed my belief in the power of prayer!

Baby Zane and his parents came to see us this past weekend. We had a BIG time! He is over 10 pounds now and changes weekly.
There was a party for Zane on Saturday afternoon. Once again he made a big haul of some really nice loot!! I have the best time going through his gifts. I look at the outfits and wonder if he'll ever be big enough to wear 'em.... I look at the toys and wonder how they work....My goodness at all the "stuff" a baby needs now!
We're gearing up for a busy weekend. Ferrell family reunion in Cookeville on Saturday, Ripley Flea Mkt on Sunday and a trip to see Zane on Monday! I've been working on some photo entries for the North Alabama State Fair. I can't believe it is right around the corner!
Remember to pray for all the NICU babies.

Here are some photos from the weekend. Enjoy!
Looks like work is in Zane's future....
Baby Trevor and his mama, Angie...
Baby Hesston...
Katie was a wee little thing when she was the flower girl in Ned & Kelly's wedding...she's growing
up fast!
Kathryn talking it over with baby Zane.....
Check it out... I think baby Zane is suppose to be on his tummy but he liked this way best....
Zane loving his new stuff.....