Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Canon T1i's first photos...

Well I wish I could say this was one of my original ideas....it's not! I stole it from my buddy Kathy McCloy. Kathy is a real honest to goodness photographer who makes a living taking photos. (link to her site on the left) When she got a new camera a while back her first shot with it was her hubby, her #1! So I stole her idea and took my first shot with my new camera of Dan. He didn't want his photo taken. That doesn't stop me. I shoot any way. Dan has been so patient with my photography hobby. He goes with me to crazy places and helps me look for that "perfect" shot. He sits by quietly while I take my 300+ shots only to have a handful of keepers. He wades in water, mud and no telling what else so I can play photographer. So I think it's fitting that he is my #1 shot with my new camera!

Elder Hatch and Elder Whitaker setting up my new printer/copier/scanner! I miss Elder Brough. He would haved loved to have been in on this project!!!

Zane trying out his "bumbo" seat......

And now.....This is Dan's new favorite photo....Zane getting sleepy at the wheel...He obviously has a lot of McGee in him!

Check back Thursday for the announcement of a new GIVEAWAY!
Please remember to pray for all the NICU babies everywhere!
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