Thursday, September 17, 2009

Canon Rebel T1i....IS MINE

Tuesday, just like the company said, my new camera the Canon Rebel T1i arrived. I was talking with Kelly on the phone when I saw the UPS truck pull up. "I gotta go, UPS is here!" ... Jerry is our UPS driver. Jerry has been our driver for many years now. Sometimes we see him everyday sometimes only once or twice a week. We've become friends. I hung up the phone and started in with "is that from b&h?" I kinda knocked Jerry out of the way and saw that it was indeed from b&h. That's when I grabbed Jerry's arms and we started jumping up and down together with me saying, "it's my new camera, it's my new camera!" Then I danced him around the store....Okay the jumping and dancing didn't really happen but when they make a movie of my life...the one where I'm played by Jennifer Anniston... that's the way it should go down! I am still pretty excited about my camera but haven't had the kind of time necessary to read the book thoroughly so I don't mess it up before I get to use it. I did that to my first computer but that's another story for another time. My new camera case/back pack came in yesterday. I'm sooo cool! Now all of a sudden I remember the start of school and getting all the new stuff. I get it all out and look at it. I've gone online and registered my new stuff with the canon company. I also think that one of the reasons I haven't had time to "fiddle" with my new camera is because I've been working on my photos for the fair. I finally got all my editing done. I picked them up from the printer yesterday and they are now at the frame shop being mounted on X-board! Dan and I did the 'altered' shot Sunday night. I like it. That's the important thing right? Anyway when all was said and done (and a lot more is always said than done) I have 7 photos to enter this year. I'm using the ole shotgun method...surely one will be a hit! I like 'em all. That's the important thing right? My mama likes 'em all too! It's always good when your mama tells you how much she likes your 'stuff'. Saturday is the day I'll drop 'em off at the fair and when the fair starts next Tuesday Dan & I will go over and see if the shotgun method worked....or not. Keep your fingers crossed....

This is what I saw when I opened the box! The big box on the bottom is the new printer/copier/scanner.

This is all the camera stuff laid out on the table....
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