Thursday, September 10, 2009

I did it!!!

I did it, I did it, I FINALLY did it!!!
What you ask...
Did she finally lose that extra 40 pounds she's been toting around?
I wish... but NO!

Did she finally finish her cleaning project?

Did she finally unclutter her email inbox?
Probably a "never" on this one.....

Did she finally learn to use photoshop?
Not yet, and maybe never....

What I did do is this....
I finally ordered my new camera!
Yippppeeeee for me!
I finally took the big leap from point and shoot to DSLR! I'm pretty stinkin' excited about the whole deal.
I've bought myself a Canon T1i camera with the 18-55mm lens. I also bought the zoom telephoto EF75-300 auto focus lens, UV filters for each lens, a lens cleaning kit, and this may be the best part....the Canon Pixma MP 980 all-in-one printer, scanner, copier was in my camera package. Buying the 2 items together qualified me for the $300 rebate! Making it a very sweet deal! I ordered from B&H photo/video out of NYC. I had researched for weeks and this company kept coming up at the top of everybody's list. I did read one review that said they may seem "snippy" when you speak with them on the phone but they really aren''s just that "yankee" lingo! I must say, every time I called 'em with a dumb question they were very nice! They just couldn't be ugly when I turned on my good ole southern charm! No really... I can be charming...when I want to! I got my confirmation email today that my camera and printer and all my goodies had shipped! My expected delivery date is Tuesday the 15th of September! Next week! The first thing Dan wanted to know was if I was going to sell my Kodak camera that I've used for the last few years. NO! When you are blessed with a second child you don't get rid of the first one do you? I didn't think so.....I've been trying to think of what I want my first photo with my new camera to be....Because it should be here on Tuesday and I only see Zane on weekends it doesn't look like it's going to be him...If he were here I wouldn't even have to think twice! I wonder if I'll get any sleep Monday night? I'm downright "giddy" talking about my new camera... I must come up with a name for the bundle of joy.
Sometime yesterday I realized that I have the rest of this week and next to have my photo entries for the fair printed and mounted. Where did the time go? Why have I gotten behind all of a sudden? Today after I monogrammed 10 shirts for a fella I copied my potentials on a CD and will take them to the printers tomorrow. Vicky who works for the printer always helps me with my decision of which one to enter and which one to scrap. I sure hope she's there tomorrow. Once they are printed it's off the frame shop by our store for "mounting". That's an artsy term for glueing it to a board so it can be displayed. I have a really good idea for the "photoshopped photo" category but I will probably need help. I told Dan that we were going to work on it Saturday. He didn't say okay but he didn't say no either. I'm taking that as a "yes, I'll help you with it on Saturday, that'll be fun." Instead of, "if I'm not doing anything that might even be remotely more enjoyable than watching you fuss over a stupid photo I'll be there. But don't count on it." Trust me if this turns out it will be soooo cool. And you'll be the first to see it. After the judges of course. So stay tuned.
Have a GREAT day and don't forget to pray for the NICU babies everywhere!

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