Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I LOVE My Family!!!

I really, really do! Two weeks ago was the Sharp-Stults family reunion and this past Saturday was the Ferrell family reunion. I always enjoy these 'get-togethers'. The Sharp-Stults reunion is here in my hometown. We drive to Cookeville, TN for the Ferrell reunion. My brother, Pat and I took mother and daddy again this year. Daddy really enjoys it and starts talking about going months in advance. Ned and Kelly had planned to go this year and were looking forward to it. Then the "flu" struck and they decided Zane just wasn't ready to get in crowds yet. He has only had one round of vacinations and will go immediately to the hospital if he gets sick. I think they've had enough of hospitals for a while! My cousin Cathy's new grandson, "Jase Daley" was there. Let me tell you he is as cute as they come!! My cousin Lee's new granddaughter, "Alyssa Marie" came by too! She was only 5 days old and already a beauty! The past few years we have always had our reunion at a shelter at Cane Creek. This year my Aunt Brenda arranged for us to use her Church's activity center. It was very nice. We didn't have peddle boats and ducks to feed but we did have air conditioning, a kitchen, an ice maker, convenient, clean restrooms and when it started to rain we were inside! So I'm voting we stay at the Church! Cousin Roger owns a Mexican restaraunt so we were treated to the best Mexican cuisine you've ever tasted! I think I've mentioned before how much I love Aunt Brenda's hashbrown casserole. This year when I smelled it in the oven I took a peek. I said, " oh yeah, Aunt Brenda's hashbrown casserole!" Little Bailey corrected me and told me that she made it this year! I don't care who made it... it was, as usual, delicious! The only thing to outdo the meal was DESSERT! Strawberry cake, chocolate pecan pie, peanut butter pie, fresh fruit and I think that's all I sampled. There might have been more but by now I was on a sugar high and couldn't remember what I had eaten. Besides the new babies in our family we will be getting a new "in-law" or "out-law" or something like that. My cousin Kristi is engaged! Josh proposed during a hot air balloon ride the week before. Isn't that romantic? They haven't set a date yet but I bet it won't be too far off....We missed Jan and Carl and Tonya, Baxter and Cole, it's just not the same without 'em. So that was my Saturday and that is why I love my family.... they are just loveable!

Sunday morning Dan and I got up and headed to Ripley, MS to the flea mkt. Dan sold stuff and I bought stuff...that seems to be the way it always works out. We left the flea market and stopped by the Wagon Train at Tishomingo, MS. We visited a while, traded a while and then headed home...to get the trailer and go back and pick up horses Dan had traded for. I skipped this trip and went to town to run some errands.

Monday morning we got up early and took off to see our number one buddy, Zane! He is growing so fast we don't want to go more than a week without seeing him. He had is weekly weigh in. Kelly jumped in first and guessed 10 pounds 9 ounces, I guessed 10-10(my CB friend), Dan said 10 pounds 9 1/2 ounces and Ned said 10- 10 1/2. Not much leeway there! Dan was the big winner this week with his guess of 10-9 1/2! We also did our little 3 month photo shoot! We put a dressy outfit on the little bugger and snapped away hoping for at least one good one. Then we put him in his NICU alumni onesie. He looked more like himself in the onesie! He's still all cheeks and its all you can do not to squeeze 'em every time you hold him. This Sunday is the NICU reunion at Centennial Hospital. Zane will miss this year, thanks to the flu going around, but I bet he'll be there next year!
Here are some of the photos from this weekend. Enjoy!
Jase with his granma Cathy and Auntie Amy....

Alyssa Marie

Kristi and Josh...showing off that beautiful ring!

The Ferrell Kids.... Ewin, Lois, Roy(Thomas), Robert and Betty Ruth

Granma Cathy and Baby Jase...

And now for Baby Zane.... It's not a dress... It's a "bubble suit".....

This hat came with the outfit.... We had to get a photo of him in it...didn't we?

Thanks mommy...for taking that hat off of me.....
10 pounds 9 1/2 ounces....half baby, half cheeks....
While in the NICU we made friends with some amazing folks. Baby Joyce's grandmother Kim Leady and Joyce's mother, Jamie designed and made these onesies for the babies.... Imagine that, already an alumni!
Kim is an author,(I just finished reading one of her books) check out her website with the link on the left of this page.
Wubbanub is my buddy... and don't you forget it!
I love you Daddy... and thanks for rescueing me from my G-mama and her camera!


  1. As always I love to read your updates. Great pics! I can't believe how much baby Zane has grown. UMMMM! still waiting on the next contest. LOL Have a great day! HUGS TO ALL!