Wednesday, September 23, 2009

North Alabama State Fair

It's fair time again. It started last night. I took my photos over last Saturday, all 7 of 'em. Remember I was going with the shotgun method. Hoping at least one would win something. Well, Dan and I went over last night to check it out.

None of my photos won anything.

Except one.

It won first place!

It also won Best of Show!!


I was shocked because I never dreamed any of my shots would have a chance at "Best of Show".

I was shocked because of all my shots this is not the one I would have dreamed would have been named "Best of Show".

I was shocked because none of my other, more deserving photos, won anything. My emotions ran the gamut from happy, excited, dissapointed, upset and back to happy again. I did at some point tell Dan that I hate to criticize the judging since I did just win "Best of Show" but I'm just not getting it. I looked at ALL the entries. It wasn't just my shots that I thought should have at least placed. I saw many, many photos that I really liked and they didn't place either. I was confused. I was 9 years old when I started showing horses and I learned very quickly that when you put yourself (or your horse) out there and ask to be judged you are just asking for that persons opinion and everybodies is different. This is what I kept telling myself. A lot.
Sooo, enough of that already here is the winning photo.....

Swapping Shadows

Remember me blogging about my idea for the "altered" class? Well this is my 'altered' photo. The idea started out using an apple and an orange. Then I asked Dan what he thought of using a water glass and a goblet. He thought that might work better. So after supper that night we got to work on it. Notice I said 'we' ....this was a joint venture. And even though from a photographic stand point it wasn't my favorite shot. It will always be a favorite because Dan and I worked together on this project. Honestly I felt it would place in its catergory. And, I will gladly accept my $140 prize money and spend it wisely!

Now for more important things....
Little Parker Daniel needs our prayers. He is the son of Crystal and Landon Daniel. Landon and Matt graduated from MHBS together and were good friends. Parker was born at 27 weeks and weighed less than 2 pounds. He has made a lot of progress but is in the middle of a set back right now. He is in the NICU at Baptist Hospital in Nashville. Please offer up a prayer for him and his family as they really need them right now! Please pray for all the NICU babies, everywhere.

New Giveaway coming...Check tomorrow for details!

Well I'm heading home now to paint.... Maybe I'll get more on the walls than on me but I doubt it. I'm not a very good painter.

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  1. Kay,

    Congratulations! on the award winning photo...never sell yourself short!