Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Poems.....

Dan and I love the 2 poems we've received so far!!! I know my other 4 blog readers have ideas so put 'em out there! Tabby put a lot of thought into her poem and yes we're all hoping Zane doesn't acquire Uncle Matt's bad habits! So get those wheels turning and come up with some more great poems....contest is going on through next Wednesday, August 5th at noon!

Next Monday, August 3rd is Zane's 2 month birthday! (Pretty good seeing August 7th is his due date.) He will be getting his 2 month shots. Yuck! When Dan & I go up on Sunday I will be spending the night and going with them to his appointment. I plan to come back home Tuesday.

My buddy Ashley came over yesterday and we started our home rennovation....This means we turned Matt's room into our new storage room. Okay, it has pretty much been a storage room, just not an organized one. The 2 bedrooms and bath downstairs must be completely cleaned out and painted for Ned, Kelly and Zane. This leaves me one guest room on the main level and another guest room and bath upstairs. But it cuts way back on my closet space that stores a lot of stuff that I really don't need. So if you're doing a play or something like that and you need clothes, etc from the 70's, 80's or 90's call me....I'm sure I can outfit the entire cast. But not for long as I will be donating/yard selling the bulk of my treasure. I'm at the store now waiting on Ashley as we will be tackling the "rooms" again today. I explained to her yesterday that if she could come and help me with the house about 3 days a week I thought by this time next year we could have it under control. Don't gasp... you know I'd rather be anywhere besides cleaning house.

Don't forget to enter the contest. Click here for more info.

And now Baby Zane. Enjoy!

There's a puppy on my butt!

There's something about this shot that makes me think of that "can you find Waldo?" thing.
Can you find Zane? Zena has an eye on him....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July Giveaway....Starts NOW!

It's gonna be soooo much fun.... I know you can't wait to get your entry in! It's simple, just write a poem about Baby Zane in the comment section at the bottom of this entry. You may have to comment as "anonoymous", that's okay just make sure you leave me your full name somewhere in the comment box. Your poem can be short, long or in between.... no profanity please! All your inspiration is in the previous blog entries...complete with "inspiring" photos! Your welcome.

Okay, the contest starts now and ends at noon on Wednesday, August 5, 2009. I know what you're thinking....She's doing this so she won't have to have an August contest....WRONG! We will still have an August contest so pay attention throughout the month of August.

Winner will be announced Thursday, August 6th here on the blog.

Want to know what your playing for? ( I love being Jeff Probst)

Good, you're playing for a cowprint laptop case....check it out on our website at it's on the Lap Top Cases page. It is a $25 lap top case... and it can be yours for free! So put on your thinking caps and start writing poems.

My good buddy Ronnie Hill already sent me one so I'm going to post it in the comment section for him and that should get y'all started......

Have fun and good luck!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Uncle Matt & Aunt Mary

Another big weekend for Baby Zane! Uncle Matt & Aunt Mary came to see him from their home in Oak Ridge, MO. When Dan and I got home from the rodeo at Scottsboro Saturday night I called up to Kelly's. She said Matt & Mary had gotten there. "What do they think of Baby Zane?" "They think he's tiny!" Yes, he is tiny, but he's growing..... fast. He weighed in yesterday....are you ready for this......7 pounds and 6 ounces. He measured 19 and 3/4 inches long. That's 2 inches taller and a gain of 3 pounds and 5 ounces since birth! Our Sunday weigh ins are a big deal as we all gather round and watch. Kind of like when prize fighters weigh in. We all say what we think Zane will weigh. My guess was 7-3. Ned won, he guessed 7-5. Matt & Mary were both a little scared to hold him....but I talked 'em into it and they did GREAT! I took quite a few photos....I have a few that turned out okay.... I'm quite discouraged with my camera....the auto focus is driving me nuts! Every time I get my shot focused and I'm ready to "click" I lose focus. If you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know. I've talked to some of my flickr friends with the same camera and they have the same complaint. I think it's time to start rolling my quarters and get that new canon I've been wanting.......Back to our fun Sunday. We also celebrated Mary's birthday that was last Thursday. Birthday cake and ice cream with my doesn't get any better than that.

Tomorrow is the official announcement about the July Giveaway! I'm glad some of you are on the ball with this. (More on the ball than myself) I've loved what I've read so far! Ya'll are sooooo creative!
And now a glimpse into our time together Sunday. Enjoy!

Aunt Mary...she said she doesn't "do" babies this small.... She does!


And of course Uncle Matt & Aunt Mary wouldn't come empty handed.....
Check out Zane's new ride... a Jeep/walker! Ned & Kelly said he could drive this to his job at Centennial.

Check it out...steering wheel, rearview, horn, radio, cup holder...... Zane's ride has it all!

Uncle Matt and Baby Zane.... Zane is wearing the preemie outfit that Matt wore home from the hospital 30 years ago!

Proud aunt & uncle.....

Matt was just talking up a storm to Zane....and Zane was listening.....oh dear.....

My 4 favorite fellas!

Hard to believe these big hands belong to the guy that once wore those tiny little shoes.....

Uncle Matt will make sure Zane knows how to wear his caps.....
Ole wub-a-nub is never far away....
My family! I think I'll keep 'em...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Yep, today is my favorite daughter-in-laws birthday! I've said it before and I'll say it again....Dan & I hit the jackpot when it came to our children's spouses! We love Mary, not only because she loves Matt but because she is such a great gal! She is always a lot of fun to be around and we wish we were around her more. Mary and Matt live in Oak Ridge, Mo. Unfortunately Dan and I only make day trips because we have so many animals to take care of....We're pretty excited about seeing her and Matt this weekend at Ned, Kelly and Zane's house though. I plan to have tons of photos next week! Consider yourselves warned....
Mary is a very accomplished barrel racer and has some really nice horses. I'm here to tell you this doesn't come easy... Mary is very dedicated to her horses and puts a lot of time and effort into her barrel racing and it pays off for her. So Mary, take a break today from all the hard work and enjoy your special day, you deserve it!
Happy Birthday! Have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Auctioneer Extraordinaire!

Our baby boy Matt is probably best known as an accomplished calf and team roper. However, many of you don't know that he is also a very good auctioneer. Some of you are now saying to yourself, "I don't doubt it, he can talk the horns off a billy goat" or "I had no idea". Let me just say if you ever get a chance to go to a sale that Matt is selling GO! It will be well worth your while. He is very entertaining. Like the other night when a couple had gotten up out of their seats to leave (it was getting late) Matt told them if they were just going to the cook shack the lady could just leave her purse with him and he would "watch" it! The poor lady didn't know what to say but the whole place was laughing. He'll keep you paying attention just to see what he's gonna say next.
When Matt & Kelly were little, real little, Dan would take them to the cow sale in Farmington, MO every Wednesday. This became a ritual that we all looked forward to. My free day. When we weren't rodeoing we would go to the horse sales on the weekends. So Matt grew up listening to different auctioneers. Dan's dad would always tell him if he would learn to be an auctioneer he would build him a sale barn. Pop didn't live long enough to build that sale barn but he did get to hear Matt sell and was very proud of him!
I can remember when Matt was in school and we would hear him in the shower doing tongue twister chants. We would go down the road counting to one hundred in an auctioneer rhythm. We would have make believe auctions just to hear him chant. It really all came natural for him.

Last Friday night Matt was at a Tack Sale in Booneville, MS so Dan & I drove over. I got a couple of decent shots. Most of my shots were not that good. Matt moves more than Zane in the tub! But I am gonna share a couple. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Is randomness a word? Maybe, maybe not..... I can use it in a sentence though. Because of my crazy brain todays blog will contain randomness. Random photos, random info, random ideas... you get the idea, randomness.....

I almost forgot about a July Giveaway, luckily Tabby Thrasher sent me an email this morning and it reminded me about having a July Giveaway. Details coming soon. Here's a hint, click here and read the blog entry.

I have been embroidering everyday since I've been home. It's been good to get back in the groove. I have several new ideas for items for our website.

Dan has been training a beautiful paint mare for Lone Star Rodeo Company to use in an act with Clint and Vanessa's son Cutter. She is doing really well. They will be having a rodeo in Scottsboro, Al this weekend and we plan to go over Saturday and take the mare so Dan can work with her and Cutter, show 'em her skills and get her used to the crowd, noise, etc. Should be a fun time. When Dan and I came back into the barn from riding the other evening I was unsaddling and heard Dan say, "how many laps did we make?" I was trying to remember when I looked up and the mare was counting? Then he asked her if she was liking the cool weather and she shook her head "yes" then he asked if she was ready for it to get hot again and she shook her head "no"! Boy was I impressed. (And I thought Dan was just sitting around missing me for the last couple of months!!)

Baby boy Matt and my favorite daughter-in-law Mary will be coming down to Ned & Kelly's this weekend to meet Zane, their first nephew. This Thursday is Mary's birthday. Of course I'm planning a party. Okay, mainly I'm planning on having birthday cake! This will be my last hooorah before I "South Beach" again. I know I tried it before and didn't stay with it. It was just too hard to eat right when all that was available was hospital cuisine. I'm sorry but I cannot do a salad EVERY day..... Hope to have some really great photos next week of Matt & Mary with Zane.

And now, in keeping with the theme of this blog, here are some "random" photos. Enjoy!

My little 4 ounce bottle is almost as big as I am...

Me and ole wub a nub......

Snoozing on the "boppy".....

Oh my, what a big yawn!

Too cute!

Zane does an amazing impersonation of Popeye!

Another baby shower and another cute cake! Delicious too!

Cute cake...but not so's made out of diapers!

Mommy and Me......

Nap time with Daddy!

My little caps keep my head warm.....

Hmmmm...I wonder what time I eat again?


This little piggy went to market....

Do I look like a little lamb in my swing?

Absolutely adorable.....
This swing is FUN!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Shots of..... guess who?

It has been very, very busy at the ole Shamrock (embroidery machine running wide open) today so I don't have much time to blog.....but I am going to post some photos of my favorite subject, Zane! Enjoy!

Zane with his Great Grandmother, "Grandmama", Zane is her 7th great grandchild!

"Cowboy Zane".... Uncle Matt sent him a straw hat with a Matt McGee special crease!

Zane and Friends.....
Upclose and personal....

Zane absolutely loves his swing.... the swing is a hand-me-down from his little buddy Trevor Hill. Trevor's parents, Angie and Ronnie brought it by the store one day for me to take to Zane. When I got there with it Ned and Dan put it together and Zane has used it every day since! He really does watch the mobile.... and it provides him with his "back of the head against the bed" time.
"Aunt Rachel" came down from Kentucky to meet our newest addition.... I think they both fell in love!
Zane and "Moo Moo" at 6 weeks old. Remember when they were the same size?
A couple more bath shots in a whale of a tub!!
Papa Dan and his little buddy having their Sunday afternoon bonding time....
Ahhhhh.....Life is sooooo good!!!