Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July Giveaway....Starts NOW!

It's gonna be soooo much fun.... I know you can't wait to get your entry in! It's simple, just write a poem about Baby Zane in the comment section at the bottom of this entry. You may have to comment as "anonoymous", that's okay just make sure you leave me your full name somewhere in the comment box. Your poem can be short, long or in between.... no profanity please! All your inspiration is in the previous blog entries...complete with "inspiring" photos! Your welcome.

Okay, the contest starts now and ends at noon on Wednesday, August 5, 2009. I know what you're thinking....She's doing this so she won't have to have an August contest....WRONG! We will still have an August contest so pay attention throughout the month of August.

Winner will be announced Thursday, August 6th here on the blog.

Want to know what your playing for? ( I love being Jeff Probst)

Good, you're playing for a cowprint laptop case....check it out on our website at www.shamrockm.com it's on the Lap Top Cases page. It is a $25 lap top case... and it can be yours for free! So put on your thinking caps and start writing poems.

My good buddy Ronnie Hill already sent me one so I'm going to post it in the comment section for him and that should get y'all started......

Have fun and good luck!


  1. Once was a boy named Zane
    Couldn't wait to seek fortune and fame
    So he came along early
    Grew up big and burly
    Ridin' and ropin' his game

    Had several last line ideas, one even included driving his folks insane...lol...I guess we'll see..Talk to you later.
    Ronnie Hill

  2. This is the story of a baby so dear.
    This cowboy just couldn’t wait to get here.

    When he was ready, out he came.
    Now, we call him sweet baby Zane.

    He has two great parents, that love him so.
    But, that’s not all so "WHOA now WHOA!"

    There is also Ma, Pa, Aunt Mary and Uncle Matt.
    Let’s pray, he don’t act like that cat!

    Now, let’s put all joking aside.
    This little cowboy has already had a wild ride.

    So, Hang on cowboy, sit back and wait.
    Cause someday they will open that gate.

    So, for now you just be sweet.
    You have a pony waiting for you to take a seat

    Tabby Thrasher

  3. June 3rd was such a blur, next you know a baby was heard.

    As they wrapped Kelly's bundle of joy, she heard them say "it's a boy!"

    He wasn't big as nuthin, not much bigger than a muffin.

    Eat,eat and grow and grow, next thing ya know, he's going home.

    Loved by one, loved by all, Baby Zane is what he's called.

    April Britnell

  4. Zane
    Your life began early because you could not wait,
    So afraid that you would arrive too late.

    So, I know your family loves you with all their Hearts,
    And they would never scold you for your early Starts.

    But when it comes to the roping pen,
    The early starts are going to cost you ten.

    Have no worries or reasons to get in a huff,
    You were born to a family of roping tuffs.

    I don’t know a lot about a lot of things but I know a little about this Zane,
    I know you’ll be mounted and if its up to Uncle Matt you’ll be on NFR Lane.

    Melora Potter

  5. Baby Zane
    I'm a little cutie
    so precious and small.
    My Daddy thinks it's funny
    when I pee on the wall!

    Ned Smith