Thursday, July 2, 2009

Making Progress

Another big day on the "lilly pad"! Today when Dr. Hamden came by he increased Zanes bottle feedings to every feeding. Mainly because he is finishing his bottles in anywhere between 12 and 20 minutes with over half of this time dedicated to burping! He's still getting 45 mls as this is the max for his weight. He weighed 5 pounds and 6 ounces last night. He will be one month old tomorrow. Amazing progress! He will still have his feeding tube. If he can't finish a bottle they will give him the remainder through his tube. We've talked to him and told him to finish his bottles and get rid of the tube. We realize the importance of the tube but at the same time we are ready for it to be gone. This puts us one more step closer to going home! Here are a couple of photos from today! Enjoy!

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  1. he is so precious...he has changed so much!!!! Glad to hear he is doing so well!!!