Friday, July 3, 2009

Zane in the Fast Lane....

.....Fast lane for sure. I'm back home in Alabama and when Kelly called to give me Dr. Hamden's update for today it was pretty good. Okay, it was better than good it was GREAT! Doc changed his feedings to "ad lib". This means he eats as much as he wants but on a 4 hour schedule instead of the every 3 hours he's on now. And the feeding tube is gone! If he tolerates this he will get his eye exam and head ultrasound on Monday and possibly "room in" on Monday night and home on Tuesday. Oh yea, he has to pass his car seat test too. This means he must sit in his car seat for an hour, (the length of his ride home) and keep his respiration, heart rate and sats up to normal. Ned and Kelly are going to put his car seat in the car tonight and be ready. By the way Zane is 1 month old today! I believe with every fiber of my being that we would have never gotten this far this fast had it not been for the endless prayers of family, friends and even complete strangers who heard about Kelly and Zane. To you we say THANK YOU! Please keep us in your prayers as well as all the preemies. Because of all we have seen and experienced in the last six weeks along with the amazing friendships we have formed our lives will never be the same. I hope the first of next week I have a very exciting blog! And now for one of my favorite photos of Baby Zane. Enjoy!

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