Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Poems.....

Dan and I love the 2 poems we've received so far!!! I know my other 4 blog readers have ideas so put 'em out there! Tabby put a lot of thought into her poem and yes we're all hoping Zane doesn't acquire Uncle Matt's bad habits! So get those wheels turning and come up with some more great poems....contest is going on through next Wednesday, August 5th at noon!

Next Monday, August 3rd is Zane's 2 month birthday! (Pretty good seeing August 7th is his due date.) He will be getting his 2 month shots. Yuck! When Dan & I go up on Sunday I will be spending the night and going with them to his appointment. I plan to come back home Tuesday.

My buddy Ashley came over yesterday and we started our home rennovation....This means we turned Matt's room into our new storage room. Okay, it has pretty much been a storage room, just not an organized one. The 2 bedrooms and bath downstairs must be completely cleaned out and painted for Ned, Kelly and Zane. This leaves me one guest room on the main level and another guest room and bath upstairs. But it cuts way back on my closet space that stores a lot of stuff that I really don't need. So if you're doing a play or something like that and you need clothes, etc from the 70's, 80's or 90's call me....I'm sure I can outfit the entire cast. But not for long as I will be donating/yard selling the bulk of my treasure. I'm at the store now waiting on Ashley as we will be tackling the "rooms" again today. I explained to her yesterday that if she could come and help me with the house about 3 days a week I thought by this time next year we could have it under control. Don't gasp... you know I'd rather be anywhere besides cleaning house.

Don't forget to enter the contest. Click here for more info.

And now Baby Zane. Enjoy!

There's a puppy on my butt!

There's something about this shot that makes me think of that "can you find Waldo?" thing.
Can you find Zane? Zena has an eye on him....

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