Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Auctioneer Extraordinaire!

Our baby boy Matt is probably best known as an accomplished calf and team roper. However, many of you don't know that he is also a very good auctioneer. Some of you are now saying to yourself, "I don't doubt it, he can talk the horns off a billy goat" or "I had no idea". Let me just say if you ever get a chance to go to a sale that Matt is selling GO! It will be well worth your while. He is very entertaining. Like the other night when a couple had gotten up out of their seats to leave (it was getting late) Matt told them if they were just going to the cook shack the lady could just leave her purse with him and he would "watch" it! The poor lady didn't know what to say but the whole place was laughing. He'll keep you paying attention just to see what he's gonna say next.
When Matt & Kelly were little, real little, Dan would take them to the cow sale in Farmington, MO every Wednesday. This became a ritual that we all looked forward to. My free day. When we weren't rodeoing we would go to the horse sales on the weekends. So Matt grew up listening to different auctioneers. Dan's dad would always tell him if he would learn to be an auctioneer he would build him a sale barn. Pop didn't live long enough to build that sale barn but he did get to hear Matt sell and was very proud of him!
I can remember when Matt was in school and we would hear him in the shower doing tongue twister chants. We would go down the road counting to one hundred in an auctioneer rhythm. We would have make believe auctions just to hear him chant. It really all came natural for him.

Last Friday night Matt was at a Tack Sale in Booneville, MS so Dan & I drove over. I got a couple of decent shots. Most of my shots were not that good. Matt moves more than Zane in the tub! But I am gonna share a couple. Enjoy!

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  1. You know me, I love an auction! I'm going to see Matt. Where will he be in the next few months?

    Kathy Lansdell Ludwig