Sunday, July 5, 2009

Still on Schedule.... go home on Tuesday that is. Zane continues to do GREAT! Dan and I arrived in Nashville about noon today and headed in to see him. This was Dan's first time to see him in an open air crib and nothing on his face! Dan said he believes he has grown a lot since last Sunday! I know his cheeks are chubbier. Leaving will be hard in that we will be leaving behind so many great people that work at Centennial. Everyone here is terrific and has gone above and beyond to be kind to us. We've had to promise to come back and visit. While I write this Dan & Kelly have gone down to get Zane's carseat for his carseat test. (Hopefully Zane is in his crib studying for his test now.)

Dan and I had a nice 4th of July. We got up early and went to Ripley, Ms to the flea market. Sold some stuff, bought some stuff and headed home. We did stop on the way home and looked at a motor home. We've decided Zane will need a motor home for traveling with us to the ropings and barrel races. When we got home I went and picked mother up and we went to Sam's to buy her and daddy's monthly groceries and I needed to get some things for Ned & Kelly. When I got home I sat down and didn't move for a couple of hours.....

Here are a few photos I took earlier today. Enjoy!

Do you like the way I'm stylin' in my cap?

Dan keeping a close eye on his little buddy....

Nurse Deborah, she's the nurse who taught Kelly how to give Zane a sponge bath and a tub bath and lots of other stuff. She's one in a million! We love her!

Anita, Cyndi, and Deborah. Three of our absolute favorite nurses!!!

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