Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Shots of..... guess who?

It has been very, very busy at the ole Shamrock (embroidery machine running wide open) today so I don't have much time to blog.....but I am going to post some photos of my favorite subject, Zane! Enjoy!

Zane with his Great Grandmother, "Grandmama", Zane is her 7th great grandchild!

"Cowboy Zane".... Uncle Matt sent him a straw hat with a Matt McGee special crease!

Zane and Friends.....
Upclose and personal....

Zane absolutely loves his swing.... the swing is a hand-me-down from his little buddy Trevor Hill. Trevor's parents, Angie and Ronnie brought it by the store one day for me to take to Zane. When I got there with it Ned and Dan put it together and Zane has used it every day since! He really does watch the mobile.... and it provides him with his "back of the head against the bed" time.
"Aunt Rachel" came down from Kentucky to meet our newest addition.... I think they both fell in love!
Zane and "Moo Moo" at 6 weeks old. Remember when they were the same size?
A couple more bath shots in a whale of a tub!!
Papa Dan and his little buddy having their Sunday afternoon bonding time....
Ahhhhh.....Life is sooooo good!!!

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  1. Love the pics, can't believe how much he has grown! Tabby