Monday, July 6, 2009

Pinch Me.....

.......I must be dreaming! Baby Zane is scheduled to come home TOMORROW! They will be rooming in tonight and leaving the hospital tomorrow. Centennial Women's Hospital has been our "home away from home" since May 20th. Seven weeks. Exactly one month before his due date he will go home. We've been told over and over how amazing that is. When I get up tomorrow morning I will be coming to Centennial to help Ned & Kelly bring their sweet little bundle of joy home. We've had to promise we'll come back often and keep everyone updated on Zane's progress. We will. We need to check on other babies progress too!
Now, no nasty emails or comments about my lack of photos after tomorrow. It will back to dial up until I'm back at the store. In case you have never tried to upload photos on dial up, Don't! It is exactly like watching paint dry. I will still be taking photos everyday though and will upload from the store. Zane changes so much everyday that it must be documented with photos. Right?

Yesterday when Dan was here he decided that he would hold Zane. Before he had not been to thrilled with all the wires. He still had his leads but no feeding tube. I took tons of photos! It was lots of fun watching them together. This morning when Kel and I got here she took him out of his crib and he just couldn't take his eyes off her. I grabbed the camera and went to snapping away.

I've had my tripod in the car for about 6 weeks now thinking I would go up on the roof of the parking deck and take some shots of the Nashville skyline. You guessed it.... I haven't done that yet. Tonight is the night. One of my new friends, Nurse Sonja, loves photography too! Unfortunately she is off today or she would join me in this adventure. I told her to just come on over to the hospital anyway. I don't blame her for not coming back I probably wouldn't come in on my day off either. But I bet sooner or later we'll get together and take some great shots of something!
Oh yea, in case your wondering why the baby due date widget is still spinning on the left side of this blog it's because Zane is still acquiring skills based on his "gestational" age. I click on the picture of the baby and it tells me what the unborn baby is doing at this age. This still applies to Zane even though he is already here. I'll take it down after his due date. I promise.

Please keep praying for the NICU babies.

Here are yesterday's and today's photo highlights. No need for captions these photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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