Friday, June 26, 2009


That's my Baby Zane! He is referred to in the NICU as a Feeder/Grower. This means there is nothing wrong with him, he's not on meds or oxygen or anything like that. All he has to do is eat and grow. Dr. Hassel came by today and increased his "feeds" to a bottle every other feeding. She agreed that he is an over achiever! They also said he is on "full feeds". This means he gets the maximum for his body weight. It was 42 mls yesterday. Pretty exciting considering he started out at 2mls. (If your not into doctoring animals and don't have a need to know this an ml is the same as a cc.) Kelly has kept a great sense of humor through all of this. She told me now she feels like she is raising a show calf! Last night his weight was reported at 5lbs and 6ounces. We still think this is wrong. They don't really go by a daily weight but a weekly average so he may be lighter tonight. When Zane's uncle Matt was born at 36 weeks he weighed 5-14. When we took him home from the hospital he weighed 5-4. If you know Matt you know he grew into a big ole boy! We've dubbed the crib space next to Zane the "express lane". We've had 4 babies come and go out of the pod from that spot! No telling how many will come and go by the time I get back on Sunday. Dan & I will be going back to Nashville Sunday afternoon so Dan can spend quality time with his little partner! My buddy Charlotte just called and gave me an idea for a contest. Since you are my loyal readers and not just here for the contest I'm gonna share her idea with will involve writing a poem about Zane! Isn't that clever? Now since you're so loyal you get a head start. I hear your wheels turning now........somebody's sound a little rusty on that would you. I guess Zane's next hurdle will be the whole maintaining his body temp. We think he loves his little "camper" and doesn't want to leave it. He'll be the one knocking on the portal, "hey lady, where's my bottle?" I wonder if we can get him a flat screen tv in there so he can watch "Sesame Street". Kids do still watch that don't they? I've got to get caught up with the times....... Enough of my rambling, have a GREAT weekend and keep praying for all the precious NICU babies everywhere.

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