Friday, June 5, 2009

Zane Smith, Over Achiever....

I mentioned yesterday that he was an over achiever and now it has been confirmed! He doesn't even have the oxygen thingy under his nose anymore. He is doing great, he has lost a few ounces though and was down to 3-13 last night. Nurses said not to worry that is very normal. They may remove the central line this weekend. They have even mentioned moving him in the near future to the step down NICU! Isn't that amazing? All the nurses tell us how cute he is, duh, I already know that! However, I do love hearing it!! You don't think they say that to all the babies' families do you? I didn't think so....
I have been taking tons of photos and I had some more to share today and will have more tomorrow too! I can't get the add image button to work so if I get it to after I publish this post I will post again right away! I had a plan to have a new canon dslr camera before Zane made his appearance. That didn't happen but my trusty camera is doing a good job! My beautiful grandson just doesn't take a bad photo.
Our days are very busy with visits to the NICU. This is an interesting experience. You must sign in and show a photo ID. Once inside you go to the scrubbing station and get your scrubbing sponge opened up. You use your knee to turn the water on. When the water comes on there is a clock that starts and you must "scrub" for 3 minutes. I suggest you all do that. You'll be surprised at how long 3 minutes is! Then you put on a hospital gown and you can go back to see the baby. When you leave you are suppose to sign out. I keep forgetting to do this. All my Pilates buddies can appreciate this because they usually sign me out at Pilates!!!
Looks like Kelly will be discharged on Sunday. They will probably give her a courtesy day because Zane is in the NICU! Kelly want be able to drive for 2 weeks so I will stay up here and drive her to the hospital Monday-Thursday. Ned is off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so on those days he can drive Miss Daisy. Then I will go home for the weekend so I can embroider and monogram Zane's name on EVERYTHING!
Thanks again for all the prayers and support. Prayer is truly an amazing thing!

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