Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our New Life...

Hey all! I didn't post yesterday as it was pure chaos! Kelly was discharged from the hospital on Sunday but was given a courtesy night. So we had to be completely out of her room by noon yesterday. Because Ned & Kelly both had been living at the hospital for almost 3 weeks there was still quite a bit of organizing and moving out to do. All of this around Zane's schedule. Kelly was able to hold Zane yesterday even with the central line going into his belly button. She was thrilled. I know that made going home yesterday a little easier. Zane is doing great and is scheduled to get the central line removed today. We aren't sure if he will have a PICC line or just an IV. I have been spending time in the Family waiting room when 2 other people are in with Zane. I have met some really nice folks. Everyone has a story. I know why they call it the Family waiting room. We are bonding and becoming like family as we share this challenging experience. Ned went back to work today. I know it's hard for him not being here. The plan is to work now and take several days off when Zane comes home. Our morning went fairly smooth but we did have a few kinks to work out. I'm sure we'll get a routine down and we can get on the road a little earlier. We hit some heavy traffic but still made it in time for Zanes feeding. When we left yesterday afternoon we stopped at Baby Depot. Jolyn spotted it when she was here last week. They had the travel system Ned and Kelly wanted but only in the up to 22 pound carseat version. After much thought we decided to go with that one. Kelly knows Zane won't be home any time real soon, but feels better knowing she has it. With the little rascal coming so early they haven't had a baby shower yet. One was already planned for this Sunday the 14th so maybe they will get some cool stuff and we can get more and more prepared for the day he does come home. My buddies April and Melinda sent some preemie stuff up here with Dan and I went through and washed it last night along with some receiving blankets we bought at Baby Depot. Zane can have his own receiving blankets in his bed but we are responsible for laundering them. We looked for some western ones but no luck. We settled for puppy dogs. I have taken more photos but haven't had a chance to download them yet. Maybe this afternoon. One of my new friends is Kim another first time grandmother who has a grandaughter in the NICU. Kim is an author and I have added a link to her website on the lefthand side of this page. Check it out. Hope to have more photos later today!

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  1. Having a baby in NICU makes everything else seem so trivial, doesn't it?