Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Photos!

Yep! I'm the Queen of the Camera here on the 'lilly pad'! I take photos of Baby Zane everyday. When I'm not here I leave strict instructions for Ned & Kelly to take his picture.

To answer a question from the comments.... No viewing window! Not even on the 'lilly pad'. We actually have to be 'let in' to the wing he is on, we then stop at the scrubbing station and do our 3 minute scrub then it's time to put our hospital gown on over our clothes. When all this is done we can go into his "pod". Security is tight! Zane shares his pod with 5 other babies and 2 nurses.

When we arrived this morning we were met at the scrubbing station by this weeks doctor, Dr. Hassel. She wanted to let us know that Zane had some blood show up in his "stool smear". They do a smear once a shift. Because of this he had an x-ray and everything looked good. She said it might be from the human milk fortifier that he is on. She discontinued the fortifier for a while and ordered a "smear" of every dirty diaper. He is active and acting like himself so Dr. Hassel says this tells her he is not having a belly ache or feeling sick in any way. They will keep a close eye on him until the "smear" comes back negative. He is taking one bottle per shift, the rest of his feedings are using his "tube". At today's bottle feeding he took it all! Yep, every bit. And he did this in under 20 minutes. Atta boy Zane!

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Now, on to the photos! You'll probably notice something unusual in some of them. NOTHING on his face!! Yesterday when we got here his feeding tube had been moved from his nose back to his mouth. His nurse yesterday decided to take it out for him to have his bottle and then replace it in his nose. (It is easier for him to latch onto the bottle and work on his skills without the tube.)You know I jumped at the opportunity to get as many photos as I could "tube free"before he had to go back in his "camper" the giraffe bed. Enjoy!

Bath Time on the Lilly Pad.....

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  1. Kay,

    You amaze me the pictures get better and better. Love all of them but the one of Zane holding I assume Kelly's finger is just precious! Keep them coming, i have withdrawals without my ZANE daily update. Hugs to all, Tabby