Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Ned!

Okay, I'm a day late with this but better late than never right? Yesterday wasn't a very good day for me. Maybe I was a little exhausted, I'm not sure, but I wasn't up to par and I didn't go to the hospital. I slept most of the day. Because of this I didn't blog and therefore didn't wish my absolute favorite son-in-law a Happy Birthday. We went to Wal Mart and I let him read a few b-day cards that I thought were appropriate so I wouldn't have to spend money and buy him one. Just kidding! We did go to Wal Mart and we bought Baby Zane some little t-shirts and a couple of preemie outfits because he can wear clothes now! The central line was removed late Wednesday afternoon. My favorite son-in-law Ned is a carpenter. Not just any old carpenter but a very accomplished one. One of the outfits we got for Zane has tools on it and it says, "Mr. Fixit"! It is absolutely adorable. When we got home Ned got his best birthday present. No it wasn't me singing "Happy Birthday". He called the NICU to get an update on Zane and was told he would be "moving on up!!!" On up to the 8th floor which is the NICU step down facility! (It's called the Lilly Pad. Zane started out in the Meadow then moved to the Pond.) That's right my little over achiever moved on up at 1 week and 1 day old. When they removed the central line from his belly button they had a PIV in place for his TPN. When TPN's were discountinued they left the IV for fluids. Not sure exactly what happened but the IV had to be removed and they didn't need to replace it. So now all he has is the feeding tube and his leads that monitor respiration, heartbeat, etc. Ned also got the good news that Zane is now back up to his birth weight of 4 pounds and 1 ounce! His doctor had also ordered him transitioned to an open air crib. This is a gradual process and he must be acclimated to room temperature. Ned was sooooo tired when we were coming home from Wal Mart but after this good news he was walking on air. He and Kelly are such great parents. They already know how it feels to worry about a child and they are handling it with such strength it amazes me. Little do they know now that this never, ever ends no matter how old your child is. I once heard that "a parent is only as happy as their unhappiest child". Think about it. It is so true!
Happy Birthday Ned!!!!

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