Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Father's day was a wonderful day on the "lilly pad"! Ned & Kelly spent the day with Zane and Dan and I came up in the afternoon so Dan could have some quality time with his favorite little fella! He was amazed at how you can just sit and watch him for hours and the time seems to fly by! Grandpa Dan also had another gift for Zane, his own pair of cowhide chaps!

He is doing GREAT! His doctors change on a weekly basis and this weeks doctor was very pleased with his progress and said he was advanced for his age. Gestational age that is. He has been increased to 2 bottles per 24 hours, one per shift. Saturday he took the entire bottle. Today he took over half before he fell asleep. This afternoon he had a bath. He's had several baths but this is the first one where I was the assistant. It was fun for me and Kelly....Zane not so sure.... he is a boy though! Tomorrow, bath photos!

Here are some photos from the weekend. Enjoy!

Ned getting his "how to give a baby a massage" lesson.

Once again, massage then nap! Oh what a life!

Ned's first Father's Day...... one I'm sure he'll never forget.
Have you noticed Ned's cap? It says "I'm Zane's Dad". Ned wears it to the hospital everyday and everybody around here loves it. Dan made it for him right after Zane's arrival.
This shirt says it all.......
All little buckaroos have to have a pair of chaps! When your grandfather can make you a pair you get 'em early!
Doesn't he look proud?


  1. is Zane in a nursery with a viewing window yet. I know at first his NICu nursery didn't have a window. Now that he has moved to the Lily pad, does it have a window?

  2. Love the chaps!

  3. Loved all the pictures! How sweet and special he is. Glad to hear all is doing well. tell Dan great job on the chaps! To all big hugs!


  4. I'm keeping up with Zane's progress and loving it. The photos are great...he's so precious. Thanks for sharing all you're learning about premies. You're teaching us a lot. Hope to see you all soon. Betty