Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Roller Coaster

That pretty much sums up life on 6th floor of the Women's Hospital at Centennial. One day everything is going as planned and a minute later you've done a complete 360 degree turn around. Before you know it everything has turned back around and you're in good spirits again!

Monday Kelly's buddy Jolyn came up from Arkansas. We had a great time hanging out! Kelly loved the diversion. We went to a couple of baby stores and checked out stuff for Kelly. Ned & Kelly were pretty sure they wanted to get the Chicco keyfit 30 travel system. Jolyn and I went and looked at it and Jolyn gave it a big thumbs up, so that is what Dan & I will be getting for the grandbaby! I may even order it today!

Kelly is enjoying her emails and facebooking! It really helps to pass the time.

A lot of folks have asked about the food here. Here's the deal....some of it is good and some of it ain't! You can call "room service" (no joke-- that is how they answer the phone) and change from the standard menu and add your substitutions. You can also call and cancel your tray and get something from the food court or call for takeout at one of the 2.5 million restaraunts near West End. Some even deliver. Last night we had Papa Johns Pizza. The food court is over in the main Tower. It has Dairy Queen, Subway, Morrisons, a pizza place and refrigerated stuff like salads and desserts. I will tell you right now that Dairy Queen has the best "food/ice cream" photos on the planet. I have to just turn away from the photo of the "earthquake brownie blast" everytime I go over there.

When Dr. Lombardi came by yesterday afternoon he said everything looked good and that Kelly and baby were very stable. Kelly did have some back pain yesterday and last night some back spasms. Apparently the little rascal is putting pressure on her sciatic nerve and causing some discomfort. She's hoping a hot shower will help. The nurse also suggested a heating pad so that is on the agenda for today....get a heating pad.

A BIG thank you to everyone that has sent cards, gifts and food. To everyone that has called and checked on us and most importantly thanks for the many, many prayers. We love you all!!!

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