Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's a BOY!

We welcomed Zane Daniel Smith into this world yesterday, June 3rd 2009. He was delivered by emergency c-section at 11:17 am. He weighed in at 4 pounds and 1 ounce and is 17 and 3/4 inches long. He is BEAUTIFUL!!! Mama and baby are doing great. Zane is in the NICU. Ned just came back from the NICU and said they already have Zane off the ventilator!!! He just has the oxygen thingy at his nose! (More of my medical terms.) I think he is going to be an over achiever!
The drama all began yesterday morning. Kelly's morning antibiotics were over a little after 10am. When antibiotics are over she has about 3 hours that they can lock off the lines and she isn't tied to the IV pole. So that is shower time. She came out of the shower and was fixing to get dressed when she realized something wasn't just right. She told me to call the nurse, as soon as I did I felt that wasn't going to be fast enough so I ran down to the nurses station and got the nurse. Kelly had a prolapsed cord. By the grace of God Kelly's doctor, Dr. Lombardi, was sitting at the nurses station writing notes. He rushed to the room asked if there was a heart beat. There was. He then announced he was doing an emergency C-section. This is when I started calling Ned. He was, once again by the grace of God, working yesterday morning at Vanderbilt. He was only 10 minutes away. Unfortunately Ned didn't answer. I left a message that probably scared him to death. I feel bad about that but I was scared! When Ned didn't answer I tried to call Dan at the store and tell him what was going on and have him start trying Ned. My fear was that Ned had a saw going or something and didn't even realize that I had called. Now I'm calling Dan and he's not answering. PANIC! Nurse Angie came up to me and said, "have you called Ned?" I told her he didn't answer but I would keep trying. She said if he answers for me to let her talk to him. Luckily when I called him the first time he was talking to his mom so he knew I had called and checked the message. When Angie talked to him he was already on his way. My first call to Ned was at 11:03, Zane's time of birth is 11:17! Isn't that amazing! They have emergency teams ready to spring into action. People were coming from everywhere. They did a general anesthesia so neither Ned or I were able to be with her. We waited in the hall by the elevators for the baby to come out and be taken to the NICU. We asked every nurse and doctor that came out how they were doing. Mind you we still didn't know if the baby was a boy or a girl. Finally one of the NICU pediatricians came out to talk to us and announced it's a boy! He talked to us for a few minutes before the NICU team came out with our little bundle of joy. We rode up on the elevator with the team and the baby. We were taken back into the NICU and watched while they weighed the baby. We were given NICU instructions and told to check back in about an hour because the nurses had a lot to do to baby Zane. We went back down to sixth floor and Ned's dad Jim was there. Dr. Lombardi came out and talked to us. He explained that this tends to happened when the cord is unusually long. He said this was true in this case. He went on to explain that this cord was so long it looked like the baby had a "lasso" in there. Ned, Jim and I started laughing and I said well of course, his mama and daddy are both ropers! When we told Kelly she said, "Zane's a cowboy!" It wasn't long before Kelly came back to the room. Dan got here around 2pm. Boy, was I glad to see him. Ned, Dan & I headed up to the NICU to visit with Zane and for me to take photos to show Kelly. When I came back to the room Jim and Kelly said the nurse came and told them we would be moving to 4th floor. Wow, we had to leave our "suite" that had been home for 2 weeks. That was a lot of stuff to move. Our new room is small ! But we'll make it. Everything is looking good and we thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and well wishes. Keep 'em coming for baby Zane! Now here are some of the photos we took yesterday. Enjoy!!!


  1. Gosh!! Look at all that hair. Very cute!! Congrats! Melora

  2. I'm so glad mom and baby are doing well. It sounds like he is a good size,a fighter and a cowboy. Tell Kelly & Ned CONGRATS! We will keep the prayers coming.

  3. We are so glad to hear that everyone including you, Kay are doing well. He is adorable! Give everyone hugs and kisses from us and tell them CONGRATS! Daryl, Tabby and the gang

  4. Congratulations we are so glad that everything turned out so good. Diamond & Kim, Julie & Justin Lesyna

  5. whooo hoooo am i happy all is well, Lauren had me on pins and needles the other night, happy to know that lil cowboy was here. Will have to tell Dennis she couldnt wait til July 8 after all. Take care of everyone and hope to see you all soon.