Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ding, Ding, Ding, We Have a WINNER!!!

This was a really fun contest for us and I hope it was for you too! Your comments were so much fun to read. Look for more "In honor of Zane" contest in the future. Remember, we're having a contest every month! If you have a great idea for a contest leave it in a comment or send me an email. I'm definitely open for suggestions.

And now for the winner......

Drum roll, Please.......

The winner is,

Val Green

Congratulations Val! email me and let me know which prize you would like!

Can you stand a few more Baby Zane photos? First let me give you an update. He's still having a positive "smear" test. Dr. Hassel is not worried and his morning x-ray was normal. He once again completed his entire bottle this morning, 40 mls. Thats an ounce and a third! Apparently this is amazing for a preemie at the gestational age of 33 weeks! They will be requesting the speech therapist come in early and work with him. They normally don't even attempt the bottle until 34 weeks. So the speech therapist does not even see them before 34 weeks. Have I mentioned that baby Zane is an over achiever? He just hangs out all day in his little "camper" and incubates. Here are some more photos. Enjoy!

Justa snoozin'......

Kicked back and takin' it easy....

Who needs a "plug"?

"Enough of those 'baby taking a bottle' photos, show 'em how I burp like a man!"

Yep, Zane's name is on EVERYTHING!

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