Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Has it really been a week?

I knew I was behind in my blogging but I didn't realize it had been a whole week since I enlightened you on my doings......

Last week and so far this week the PR620 embroidery machine has been going wide open all day every day. For this we are very happy! But it does keep me from spending much time updating my blog. I have a few minutes now because Dan has a project going on the machine and I am taking advantage of that.

This has been an unusually cold December for us but today it has warmed up into the 60's as we wait for the storms to get here this evening.
The NFR is going on in Vegas now. It started last Thursday and will end this coming Saturday. Every round is televised and heaven forbid we miss it even if it means staying up until after midnight. Okay I know it is on early some nights but when you sleep through it you have to rewind and start over and watch 'til you fall asleep again. bummer!

This coming Sunday, the 14th, is my Daddy's 80th birthday! We will have a cake and ice cream party. Mother hasn't been feeling well lately and we are keeping it simple. I sure hope I live to see 80!!!

This Saturday is the barrel race at Decaturville and it is my buddy April's birthday, too!!! In case I don't get to blog before then
Happy Birthday April!

I've been hitting the jewelry parties with Kelly and having a blast. You really meet some nice folks this way. The jewelry from my party should be in this week and I am soooooo excited. I earned about $260 in free jewelry and had the best time making my selections.

I'm thinking about starting some Christmas shopping this week. This is the same old story at the Shamrock, get everybody's order out in time for Christmas but neglect our own. Maybe my loved ones will get cash......

The laptop is out of the "computer hospital" so get ready, more photos coming soon.
I'm sorry to say I have not had time to pursue my photography the last few weeks and I am really missing it. Time to organize and plan my days and nights better! I could be getting some cool night shots if it wasn't so dang cold. I'm a wimp! And my cohort Dan isn't a whole lot better.

Thanks for the emails, even if they are to tell me I am the biggest blog slacker on blogspot! Keep 'em coming!

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