Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quick Update....

The embroidery machine is going non-stop 8am to 5pm! New orders are coming in daily and we just hope we get everything out by Christmas. Not sure when we will have to say no more before Christmas but right now we are trying to get everything out! I hope to get my tree up today or tomorrow, and my shopping done today or tomorrow, my carpets cleaned tomorrow. When I buy presents they will need to be wrapped, too! Any volunteers? No reasonable offer refused!!

The weather is still a big topic of conversation around here. Rain, rain, rain, when the rain stops tomorrow after an expected 2 inches it will turn cold, real cold. The wind chill is predicted at zero to 10 above. Bbbbbrrrrrrr!!! For those of you further north you have my sympathy!

Looks like we are putting in a long Saturday at the ole Shamrock, we normally close at 1pm and it is twenty after now and the machine is humming away with a stack of stuff beside it. May not get the tree up today after all!

I will try my best to have an update Monday sometime.....

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