Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Twas the day before the day before Christmas....

and we are busy finishing up all our Christmas orders. I'm taking a few minutes to share while the "machine" works on a sweatshirt. (I think my embroidery machine needs a name!)
Sunday was a busy day with gift wrapping, carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, clothes washing, gift shopping and grocery shopping. Everything was going smooth until the man at Big Star said, "We're all out of turkey breast". My heart skipped a beat then he added, "until the truck runs tomorrow morning." Whew!!! Close call. Kelly had already asked me why I didn't have the bird yet because it would have to have time to thaw out. Monday morning I became the proud owner of a 7 lb turkey breast!
If you are going to your mail box every day looking for a Christmas card from me and Dan, don't bother, I haven't sent any yet!!! But a big thank you for all the neat ones we've gotten so far. I absolutely love the photo cards! My plan is to send out Happy New Year cards! Hopefully not to far into the new year.
Break time is over....back to work!

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