Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Aren't you glad to see some photos again? I am certainly glad to be able to post 'em!
First of all Daddy's birthday took on a poinsettia theme with the cake and then Jan & Carl brought Mother and Daddy a beautiful live poinsettia. Daddy had a great day with the surprise visit from Jan & Carl. (Jan is Daddy's niece that lives in Ringgold, Ga. ) He got a whole bunch of birthday cards and phone calls and he was delighted! We had pizza and cake and ice cream and it was a real good party! Thanks to all my cousins and aunts and uncles for making his day so special! I love you all so very much!
Notice the shot of Jan & Carl & Willie. Jan has been wanting to meet Willie for quite a while now and finally got her chance. I hate he was covered in hay, but with all the rain last week he spent a lot of time in his pen laying in his hay! Oh well!
Saturday was my buddy April's "30 something" birthday! We were all at the barrel race together so I snapped a couple shots of her on her big day! Thought I would share one here! She is one of my most loyal blog readers!!
BTW- Got the car fixed...it was the fuel pump. Merry Christmas to me!!!
I guess the main topic of conversation around here is the weather. It rained all day yesterday with the temperature dropping all day until they issued a freezing rain advisory for our county from midnight to 9am today. No freezing rain. Today's high is supposed to be high 40's. That ain't gonna happen! It's 11 am and is just barely 34 degrees now! The big news is that Thursday's high is supposed to be 70. We'll see!! I'm not going to get my hopes up, the forecasting has not been very reliable lately!
Okay, blog break is over! Time to get back to embroidery orders!

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