Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Catch up....

That's exactly what I need to do, Catch Up!!!
First off, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Friday, Ned & Kelly came down and of course we ate again! Saturday was my Premier Jewelry show at the store. We had a great time and I earned a "boat load" of free jewelry!!! Yeah me!! When we left the store we went home and watched the "Iron Bowl" aka Auburn/Alabama football game. Bama won! ROLL TIDE! and all that good stuff.... As soon as the game was over we headed to town to eat. You'd think we would be foundered by now, but I just kept shoveling it in. Sunday was a lazy day (probably because we had eaten so much) We made a pot of Chili for lunch, took a nap and then went to the barn and rode. The temperature was dropping all day and then the rain started...by Monday morning we had sleet and snow!! Yes, right here in the sunny south! The themometer never made it to 40 all day yesterday. Today is better and the sun is shining bright. Tomorrow we should be in the 60's! Yippppeeeee!
The embroidery machine is running non stop now. This is going to be a good asset for the ole Shamrock Feed and Tack.
Photo Update.... I use the laptop for all my photos and my photo editing. Last week it shot craps. Friday morning I took it to the computer doctor down the street and he diagnosed a broken AC adapter connection. So a new one has been ordered and it may be back in business by tomorrow. I miss my photos :( and I miss sharing them too!
Well, back to work for me I have several embroidery projects to do today!

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