Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shamrock Voice Mail, Final Chapter

That's right, after 4 different people (Kelly, Danielle, Dan & myself) couldn't get it set up I told them to please take voice mail off my store phone! On Monday Danielle started the process. She did exactly as Dan and I expected and in about 45 seconds she was yelling at the phone and making huffing and puffing noises. Then to top it off she finally got to speak with a real person and she is sure he was eating little Debbies. She swears she could hear the plastic wrappers. This may be when Dan took over to no avail. At one time we were just passing the phone back and forth between the three of us. Finally I was able to speak to a human, Manuel, we're friends now. He lives in Denver but would love to be in the south (of course). Manuel worked with me for about 2 hours telling me different things to do to try to set up the voice mail. I think he was relieved when I told him to just cancel voice mail from my package. He did say he was going to have a couple more techs work on this problem and I may be hearing back..... I haven't.

This is just a quick update before I take off to mother and daddy's to make the dressing for our Thanksgiving Dinner. We always make it on the Wednesday before and let it season itself overnight. If I say so myself it is delicious!

I hope all my blogger buddies have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I challenge you to take a few minutes to count your blessings! My family and my friends are my greatest blessing! My list of blessings grows daily as I continue to be blessed more than I deserve!


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