Monday, November 17, 2008

Bling, Bling at the Jewelry Party!!

It was all about the bling and having a rip roaring good time. I knew anything that April was a part of would be a blast... she didn't let me down. The jewelry is amazing. Everybody got to put some on and model it! oh yeah! You know I loved that! You really have to see this jewelry in person to appreciate how nice it is. Catalogs just don't do it justice. April had a great party and will be well rewarded for it with a lot of free jewelry. My jewelry show will be Saturday, Nov. 29th at the store, Shamrock Feed & Tack. It will be from 10am to 1pm. I'm really getting excited about this adventure after being at April's party. So if you're close enough to come by I expect to see you on the 29th. This is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If you want to have your own party and get free jewelry too get in touch with Kelly at . This Friday is Trina's party. She won't let me down either. I'm figuring it will be a blast too, especially if her other friends are as crazy as the ones I know!

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