Monday, November 24, 2008

voice mail, round 2

Well, Kelly came down on Friday. She had a jewelry party Friday night ( photos coming soon). Friday night she tackled the voice mail dilema at home. She had the voice mail activated in nothing flat. She says "dial so and so number and you can listen to your voice mail, you're gonna love it." Okay, this is the good part. The voice mail that I was so upset about not being able to retrieve was from AT&T telling me they were going to send me some info in the mail explaining to me how to set up and retrieve my voice mail. And I thought I was a moron!!!!

Unfortunately the voice mail dilema at the store is still ongoing. Kelly worked on it for a while but the "lady" kept telling her to enter a 4 digit pass code. Kelly would enter it and the "lady" would say "you must enter at least 4 digits". This went on forever. I tried it and they finally told me they were sorry I didn't understand what to do, to try back later and goodbye! I have already told Danielle that today is her turn! Maybe three is the charm.'s a killer!

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